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We’re sorry to say it, but our jewellery is subject to tarnishing. Whether it comes into contact with our body oils, deodorants, lotions, sulphur or sweat, there is always the risk that after time our favourite pieces will depreciate.

But we don’t want this to be the case! We want our earrings, necklaces and rings to maintain their pristine beauty for as long as possible! Look, we can’t control the air around us and we do actually want to wear our favourite pieces, and thankfully there are some techniques we can follow to ensure they stay golden over the years.


Let’s take a look at these important tips for maintaining our favourite pieces:


  1. Keep them dry


The more prolonged your pieces’ access to liquids and moisture, the more they will tarnish. This includes all of the above liquids and moistures that are the main culprits for depreciation. So, what is one of the ultimate ways to maintain their beauty? Keeping them dry, of course! If this means wiping them down as soon as they come into contact with some unwanted moisture, it is the best thing to do to keep them as dry as possible at all times!


  1. Store them properly


Storage is critical to ensure your pieces maintain their beauty - so be sure to keep them well stored in the best jewellery boxes Australia has available. What’s more, you should think about keeping them in a cloth pouch, as this will help keep them protected from scratches and the intense summer sun!


If necessary, you can even store them in a Ziploc bag, as these keep out a lot of the air and moisture that can tarnish the piece. However, you want to ensure that you squeeze all the air out before you place the pieces in it, as it will keep the metal from oxidising in the air.

Finally, 3M anti-tarnish strips are an absorbent paper that essentially sucks the life out of all the tarnishers that will bring down your jewellery’s beauty as time goes on. All you have to do is stick one of these bits of paper in your storage container and it will go to work on removing those unwanted culprits!


  1. Consider a jewellery protection spray


Give your gorgeous pieces the protection they need through a high grade protection spray. They can help protect your favourites for longer periods, and can also protect you from irritation and rashes, making it a win-win product when it comes to protecting both our favourite pieces and our skin.


  1. Let it sit a while


Of course, we all wish we could use our favourite jewellery as much as physically possible. However, our pieces are susceptible to wear and tear just like our favourite clothing is, too. And so, just like we go to special lengths to protect our favourite clothing, we should do the same for our bling, too!

So, one of the important things we can do for our rings, earrings, necklaces and bangles is to wear them on special occasions whilst giving them time to rest in a culprit-free space when we’re not going out for a special occasion.

Sure, it can be difficult to fight the temptation of matching those stunning earrings with that lovely new top, but it’s important to rest our favourite jewellery here and there to ensure they maintain their aesthetic for longer! And this is one of the ways we can be sure that they will…