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We can get so caught up in our day to day that we rarely take the time to stand back and think about doing things any differently. It is easier to go through the motions, without making any changes, and then before we know it another week, another month, another year has flown by. The problem is that whilst this might be the easier option in the short term, it is likely to just be building up bigger problems for you in the long term. As such, you need to stop and look around from time to time, and we are suggesting that that time is now. Today we are sharing with you 7 powerful things to do for yourself today, from giving up a vice or two to getting outside, there are plenty of options to choose from. Try one or two and you will be amazed at how differently you will soon be feeling. 

Give up one of your vices

We all have them, for some it might be smoking, for others it might be copious amounts of soda. Take a look at your life, your habits, what you consume, what you might be doing too much of and identify something that you think might be harming you. 

By committing to completely give something up you are challenging yourself mentally and often physically. It is good to prove to yourself that you are able to do this, and on top of that, there are the benefits to your health of giving something up that is harming you.

Keep a journal

Writing things down is a very powerful practice, which is why there are so many advocates of journaling. The problem can sometimes be in knowing quite where to start with one.

You might like to keep things simple and just write a line a day each evening to sum up your day. Or perhaps as you rise in the morning you can capture your waking thoughts. Some people get a lot of satisfaction from keeping a gratitude journal, which is an opportunity to reflect daily or weekly on all that you are grateful for. You will find that if you try this you will always be able to find something in the day that you are grateful for, even in the worst days. It’s
a healthy way to retrain your mind and helps you to spot joy and rainbows when others can only see gray skies. 

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Forgive someone

Carrying the burden of not being able to forgive someone their misdeeds is heavy and cumbersome. If there is an issue that is eating away at you, then now is the time to confront it.

It is entirely up to you and the nature of the situation whether you choose to spend time with this individual talking and forgiving, or whether you simply need to forgive them in your heart and move on. Some things need to be said out loud, other things simply cannot be put straight in this way due to circumstances, so do what you need to do in order to finally let go. 

Cut down on your screen time

It turns out that watching too much TV is bad for you. It also seems that playing video games for hours upon end can have a negative impact on you and being glued to our phones is unhealthy for us. 

We are not suggesting that you give all of these things up, although some people do swear by a digital detox. It might be interesting to start by monitoring your usage initially and then committing to reduce it by a certain amount. Or can you cut something out completely for a day, a week, and so on. 

Being overly reliant on screen time to feed your downtime is never going to be healthy for you, so do your best to reduce it if you identify that it’s getting too much and find something else to take its place. 

Learn something new 

Whether you are studying at George Washington University or are taking an e-course in creative writing, it can only be a good thing if you take the time to learn something new.

The possibilities for this one are truly endless, and your learning can be a professional qualification or degree, or it might be a new sport or hobby. It really does not matter how formal or informal learning is, it is all about accepting that you are able to learn new things and enjoying the journey. 

The sense of achievement when you have mastered a new skill or completed a course is very satisfying, and you will likely then be looking around for something else to learn, another new hobby to have a go at. 

Pick up a book

Did you know that simply by reading a book, any book, you are improving your health? Spend ten minutes reading and your blood pressure will lower as you start to relax. Read regularly and you will be improving your memory function.

Longer term you will find that your own literacy improves as your vocabulary expands and your concentration span lengthens. You will develop greater empathy and your writing ability will improve.

This is all aside from the fact that reading is enjoyable. It can increase your knowledge, it can allow you to switch off and it can provide hours of entertainment. 

Spend time in the great outdoors

Any time spent outside is likely to give you a boost. Aside from the physical benefits that you will gain from walking around and spending time in the sunshine, it will also be good for your mental health.

Studies show that time spent around nature has a calming effect, quieting our minds and allowing us to breathe and simply be, more so than we can in amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  

Cycle around your local park, hike up through your nearest hills or meander around a nature reserve. For a full recharge, book yourself a few days away surrounded by nothing but the sounds of nature and you are sure to return refreshed.