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As we get ready to enter to 2020, you would have had to be hiding under a rock not to realize that people are far more aware than ever about the planet and the damage that we humans have done and are continuing to do to it. Even if you wanted to ignore this issue, you couldn't, and if you tried to, it could have damaging effects on your business. For example, if you are using plastic bags in your business, but your competitor across the road isn't, then who are your environmentally aware customers going to go to? You can't do it all overnight, so it's essential to take it step by step.

Start Small

There is no one size fits all approach, and it depends on what your business is. One thing that you easily do now is to start switching things off. Be more aware of leaving lights on, don't leave computers on overnight, begin with simple things like this as they could save you millions as well as saving energy.

Use Eco-Friendly Products and Suppliers

One of the easiest things you can do is choose carefully who you use to supply your business too. Look at locally sourced products and suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint of your deliveries. Look into green cleaning companies and check your cooling tower supplier as you want a provider that gives a combination of low energy consumption and low sound emission anything else that you use as these little changes can make a huge difference.

Reuse and Recycle

Most people seem to be on board with recycling now, with the different colored bins and what goes with what, but before you rush over to the blue bin with your piece of scrap paper, is there something else you could use it for first? The other side, perhaps? This can be said for many things, so think twice before you put anything in the bin. Then look at what office materials you are using, are you buying recycled paper products and ink cartridges? Are enough people sharing stationary and ordering refills rather than getting brand new items each time there's a stationery order?

Get an Energy Audit

Did you know that you could get a free energy audit for your business from a professional engineer? As it's free, it's worth doing to find out what simple changes you could make or even if there are more significant changes with a long term gain. There are pioneering new technologies that you could be using such as CHP (Combined Heat and Power), Thermal Storage, Solar PV, Smart Metering, Solar Thermal, Biomass, Inverter Drives, and Aquifer Energy Storage which could all be saving you a fortune. An expert will be able to advise on whether you could save on your water as well and install bore water as this is environmentally friendly as it naturally renews itself.

Shout About It!

While, of course, you want to do good for the environment and a little bit for yourself, you can also tell people about the good you're doing. Use your social media channels to make sure that your customers and potential customers know that you're doing your bit to go green and that if they have any suggestions to do anything greener, then they are welcomed.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay