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You might think that like other markets, the gaming industry is going to reach a standstill. It’s understandable why people would assume this would occur in the wake of the coronavirus. But for now, at least, it doesn’t seem to be the case. Sony has recently held a webcast to discuss details of the PS5 and claims that the launch will not be disrupted. It’s expected to arrive later this year. Many are also expecting a boom in demand for gaming as it is a fantastic activity for self-isolation. So, let’s think about what this means and what the future of gaming holds. 

More VR

VR is definitely on the agenda right now for future gaming options. Virtual reality has taken a massive leap forward in recent years thanks to Sony releasing its first VR headset. There have been rumors that a new headset will be released in conjunction with or shortly after the PS5 and while these whispers continue to spread there’s no word from Sony just yet. However, in a blink and you’ll miss it a moment, during the webcast, the VR system was referenced and there was a slight hint that a new system could be on the way. 

Even if it’s not, there’s been a lot of talk lately about how you can ‘enter the matrix’ in the next generation of gaming. It’s about convincing yourself that you’re actually part of a game rather than playing one. VR will undoubtedly be part of this development. What hasn’t been discussed is how this is going to impact our eyes. We already need to look here for gaming glasses when staring at a screen in front of us. It’s still unknown how staring at a screen an inch in front of your eyes is going to impact you. 

A New Generation Of Sounds

Another interesting tidbit that came from Sony’s most recent demonstration was the commitment to 3D sound. It was discussed how sound is a key part of development for a game but often needs to be overlooked. Sony is committed to ensuring that their new console is going to be based around the idea of providing 3D sound to everyone. This means that you will be able to know where the direction of a sound is coming from within the game. So, it might seem like it’s behind you. You might even be able to pinpoint exactly where a sound is and then react. That’s an exciting development and crucially, Sony has been working on a system that isn’t going to be exclusive to those with headphones. It should, theoretically, work for everyone, regardless of what system you are using. 


Xbox is ramping up their campaign for their new console too and there’s been a lot of talk around the sheer power that the new console will hold. Now, this is never going to reach the levels of PC gaming, but it is still considerably impressive. It will lead to a huge breakthrough in graphics that may just fool you into thinking you’re watching a cinematic experience rather than a game.