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Every employee should be made aware of the dangers of working at heights. Obviously, some jobs carry more risk than others but accidents can happen climbing a ladder to get a folder or reaching for old merchandise.

That’s why it’s essential that every employer does a risk assessment and uses a reputable supplier of workwear Wollongong to ensure they have the best possible protection. Of course, staff should also pay attention to the risks.

Risk Of Falling

The most obvious issue with working at heights is falling. This is why you should do as much work as possible on the ground. If you fall from a height you are likely to break a bone or two. It can even be fatal.

While the risk of falling does increase with age, people of all ages should be careful to ensure the danger is minimized. You may not realize it but over half of falls occur at a height less than 3 meters.

The reason is that people are relatively close to the ground they don’t see the need to use all the safety gear, that’s reserved for people working at ‘real ‘ heights.

Whatever height you’re working at, you need to take precautions as soon as your feet leave the ground.

Here are some guidelines to help you get it right and avoid that life-changing accident.

  • Make sure there is plenty of room to move at height, especially if workers need to move equipment around.

  • Ensure everything you are using is strong enough for the task in hand. Especially the boards you’ll be standing on.

  • Pay particular attention when you’re near fragile surfaces, be aware of where these are.

  • Wear a hard hat, you may be at height but there may be others above you, you don’t want them accidentally dropping something on your head.

  • Remember to stay safe on a ladder, that means respecting the load limits and not leaning further than you have to.

  • Ladders are only for quick, light work. Heavy-duty things need to be completed on proper staging and scaffolding.

  • If you are using a ladder make sure it is securely positioned, n level ground, and tied at the top.

  • All workers should be properly trained and made aware of the risks before working at heights.

  • Always speak up if you see an issue, you could be saving someone’s life or your own.

Working at heights is necessary for many people. The employer often bears the ultimate responsibility for safe working procedures. However, that doesn’t mean employees shouldn’t pay attention to what is going on around them. The more vigilant everyone is the less likely it is that an accident will happen.

The biggest danger from working at heights is a life-changing injury or death. But, these can generally be avoided if everyone takes a responsible attitude and is aware of the risks.

The same applies even if you’re just going up a ladder at home to clean a window or fix a small issue.