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The century you are witnessing is a digital one. The previous century belonged to the great aspiration of men, creating, crafting, and developing the world as you know it today.

In the previous century, people went to the Moon, new tech emerged, walking into the age of digital. But, none of that would be possible without PPE.

History of Thorogood Boots

The history of the American workingman is tightly connected to the history of Thorogood boots. If you want to browse through their catalog just visit

While you know Thorogood as a powerhouse brand, it wasn’t always like this. Its development is tightly connected to a certain purpose, to a certain type of man. It’s a story almost 200 years old.

Back in 1892, a German immigrant moved to Milwaukee. His name was Peter Weinbrenner and he operated a small shop. His son Albert, brimming with an entrepreneurial spirit, had a bigger dream. He set up a boot production company.

In 1918, he developed and debuted the Thorogood shoe, and changed the life of the American worker forever. He had a simple, but radical idea. Instead of creating a universal work boot, there should be more models to cater to a specific industry and profession.

Thus started the reign of the Thorogood brand. It’s a story that emphasizes the American dream. You just need a good idea and you are set for life.

Let’s expand on the topic. Thorogood business is all about helping their customers.

The Customer-Centric Approach

The Thorogood had an amazing idea. Since they witnessed the spring of the American industry, they decided to cater to it. Since businesses relied on oil extraction, materials from mines, and railroads as transportation, workers were open to various work hazards.

So, to enhance the worker’s productivity and reduce the number of injuries, they needed better protection. Thus, the designers at Thorogood came to a brilliant idea. They needed a reinforced boot. But, a single design couldn’t fit the different needs of industries.

For example, for oil rig workers you need a boot with a hard-gripping sole, resistant to chemicals, and great balance. They don’t need as much meta-tarsal protection and steel-toe cage protection.

However, for working in mines, you need another design. Here, there are fewer chemical and fire hazards. Here, the main issues are hard objects such as rocks and metals that can crush your legs, as well as the darkness of the work environment.

Either way, you need two different ways to protect your feet.

The State of the Art Development

That’s why Thorogood spent a lot of time developing various designs. The thing that makes PPE such a tough market is a complex development of the product. Certainly, the main idea of the PPE boots didn’t change since 1940 in Germany where they were first introduced.

You have a hard sole, tough and durable exterior, and a steel-toe cage as a trademark of the working boots. But, all in between is so complicated to develop. For example, durable working boots may experience a problem with comfort. So, developers need to invest time in selecting new materials to counter that issue.

Thus, the development process begins anew. The designers and developers have to work together to find the right formula and cater to the specific profession, finding the balance between comfort and protection.

The most important thing is that the user is satisfied.

Meeting the American Workingman

Thorogood’s first breakthrough in the market was when the brand introduced boots for railroad builders and miners. These two professions were fairly prominent between the two World Wars.

Workers needed to work knowing their feet are protected at all times. The Thorogood adopted the steel-toe cage and enhanced it with durable materials. Now, they had a tough pair of boots, enriched with hard soles.

This meant that workers could work with their minds at ease. They didn’t have to fear sudden punctures, lacerations, and breaks anymore. Even if they were to hit their feet, the feet wouldn’t be crushed.

That fact alone allowed the expansion and the genesis to what Thorogood is today. In the second half of the century, jobs and professions changed. With the advent of new technologies and methodologies, jobs also changed.

It became easier and faster to move materials, resources, and people. And, that followed for people as well. But, that didn’t mean that workers were safe. It only meant that the boots needed a new design.

That’s the design mostly used today. The benefit of the Thorogood boots remained mostly the same.

Thorogood Boots in Practice

The thing that makes the Thorogood so good are the benefits almost all boots share.

First is the steel-toe cage. While it wasn’t the part of the boot right away, it soon became an integral part of the boot. There are different types of materials the cage is made from. Those include steel, alloys, and composite materials.

Then, there is the quality of materials. Since Thorogood makes boots for special purposes, they need to use different materials for different models. There are various materials used, depending on the type of profession they are used for.

Another great thing about Thorogood boots is that most models are waterproof. This is kind of a rare trait among PPE boots. Also, they are highly resistant to different hazards you meet in different industries.

In practice, Thorogood boots are a simple and effective way to increase your protection while becoming more effective. And, that’s what the PPE is all about.

Get the Best PPE

The PPE industry changed so much. Luckily for newcomers, there are a bunch of brands to browse from.

Yet, you should pick those boots that fit your needs the best. That’s the only way you can’t go wrong with your purchase.

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