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We have all been warned about the dangers of global climate change and many of us are trying our best to change our ways and support the environment. Christmas is a lovely time of year that brings you and all of your friends and family together; however, this festive season does have a negative impact on the environment. Food and plastic waste, alongside excessive amounts of packaging and wrapping paper will enter our landfills and oceans and harm the environment. Green habits have to start somewhere, and if you care about the planet, you should make an effort to put extra thought into the gifts you purchase. For some inspiration, here are 5 sustainable Christmas gift ideas.

Zero Waste Starter Kit

Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to becoming eco-friendly and sustainable. If you know someone who is interested in, or should move towards a plastic-free existence, then a zero-waste starter kit will make the perfect stepping stone for a greener individual. These kits vary, but many consist of plastic-free/recycled straws, water bottles, travel cups, lunch boxes, plus more.

Eco-Friendly Lodge

Sometimes, people don’t want to be gifted clutter that will be thrown away shortly after. As well as the person being disappointed, this will also create waste and be unsustainable. Instead, you should look into purchasing a trip to an eco-friendly lodge or other kind of accommodation. If this is out of your price range, then you should look into an environmentally friendly activity for a day out instead.

Green Gift Sets

A gift set is a perfect Christmas present for a friend or family member and fortunately, there are many sustainable and eco-friendly inspirations out there. A fantastic suggestion would be a Lush Gift Set. This company takes a big step when it comes to creating environmentally friendly and cruelty free bath and beauty products, and they are committed to becoming more sustainable as they grow.

Recycled Material Products

These days, companies are trying hard to make products out of recycled materials. Not only is it kind to the environment, but it also grabs the attention of buyers. Whether you are looking for a candle, a new item of clothing, a rucksack or a pair of trainers, you should be able to find an extremely sustainable product made from recycled materials. Even big brands like Nike are turning sustainable.

Organic Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are a great gift idea, but many of them only contribute to the waste problem. Fortunately, there are many organic and environmentally friendly options, including ethically sourced health and wellness products, and even sustainably raised succulents. Christmas gifts aren’t just for people, however, and you should involve your furry friend in the festivities too. If you have a dog or you know a dog that deserves a Christmas treat, then you could look into WagWell Box monthly dog boxes as well.

Finding gifts for all of the family can be difficult at Christmas and finding sustainable alternatives can make things even harder. However, if you make the effort to find eco-friendly products as gifts and the receiver loves it, then you’ll be promoting and supporting sustainable brands and a greener future.