• Written by NewsCo

Every parent wants the best for their children and wants to see them succeed in life. However, although you might have ideas about what is best for your kids, as they grow into young adults it’s important to respect and encourage their independence as well. This means listening to them when they discuss what their plans are for after high school, and even providing them with a variety of options if they’re not sure what they want their next steps to be. Below are some examples of things that your kids can do after they graduate that could benefit them in the long term.

Go to College

Of course, the most obvious next step and one that most parents want their kids to take is going to college to continue their studies. A college degree can certainly improve career prospects for your children, but it can also help them learn to live independently as adults and have incredible experiences that they will cherish forever. For a lot of young people, going to college is an opportunity to reinvent themselves as they move into adulthood and meet new friends who share their interests. There are even options for them to get their degree via online courses now, which can offer them a more flexible approach to higher education if this is more suitable for them. Take a look at these NMU online programs for some examples of what they can access.


Another popular choice for young people when they graduate high school is travelling the world. Not all students are quite ready to head off to college and want a break between periods of studying, or they might just want to take some time out to think about what they want to do with the rest of their life. Travelling is a great way to do this, as experiencing other cultures and meeting new people on the road can teach them a lot about the world. As a parent, you might be a bit nervous about your kid travelling abroad with friends, but there are many organized tours or opportunities for them to work abroad with organizations such as TEFL that can help to keep them safe while they travel.

Charity Work

If your kid doesn’t want to go to college or globe-trotting after high school, why not suggest that they get involved in charity work instead? It’s an incredibly fulfilling thing to do and is a great way for them to give back to their local community and beyond. It might even inspire them to pursue charity work as a career. Either way, it’s a good opportunity for them to learn about the needs of others and what they can do to make the world a better place.


Finally, if they would prefer to get onto the career ladder straight after high school you could always look at internship opportunities near you that they could get involved in. Some of these programs do offer interns a wage, but they might need to get a part-time job unless you’re willing to support them until they complete the program. Internships are a great way for them to meet industry professionals and learn hands-on skills that they can use for their future careers. It also allows them the opportunity to get a better idea of what different careers can offer them and if the role they are interested in is truly the right fit. If your kids aren’t sure what they should do after college, discuss these options with them and see if any take their interest.