• Written by Alison Lurie

As a pet owner, you know how critical it is to provide your dog the care and attention they require. However, if your dog will be spending plenty of time alone during the days while you are at work and you know your dog is not going to get enough attention, it may make you feel guilty. If this is the case, you may want to consider sending your furbaby to a pet hotel in Melbourne.

Dog ownership in Melbourne

Melbourne loves its canine residents. There are numerous cafés, such as Collingwood café, which has a dog-only menu. They provide such excellent delights such as dogachinos. These are lactose-free milk treats. They also offer scrumptious treats such as smoked pig ears and turkey muffins. Your canine friend will be the king in Collingwood. There are many things to enjoy, such as mini couches and dog accessories. Your furry friend will also be meeting other pooches.

  1. Relieve boredom and separation anxiety

The top reason that dogs can develop destructive behaviors is boredom. Suppose a dog is left all alone for a few hours a day during the workweek. In that case, it may become exceedingly bored as well as overly anxious, and it can manifest in numerous destructive behaviors such as chewing and hauling. It can even result in accidents. An excellent pet hotel in Melbourne will provide healthy stimulation and mitigate these behaviors.

In Sydney, 64% of pet owners are female, and 55% of pet owners are from a household with high incomes of $50,000 or more. A majority of pet owners are young aged 18 to 24 years old. Over 60% of pet owners are Gen X, who are 40 to 54 years old. More than half of families with children aged six years or older have pets.

  1. Provide your canine friend a routine

Dogs can be considered creatures of habit and thrive in a routine. Sending your dog to a pet hotel will help maintain a daily routine of walks as well as playtime. Pet hotels provide a routine for your dog, which will always include activities that are enjoyable.

  1. Exercise

One of the top benefits of sending your dog to a pet hotel is that he or she will get to have their daily exercise, which is so critical in their overall health.

  1. Get peace of mind

As a dog owner, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your dog is being taken care of optimally while you are away. It eliminates the guilt. You will not be worried that you have left your dog home alone for hours on end.

  1. Socialization

Having your dog interacting with other dogs as well as other humans is an optimum means of providing socialization for them. It can be a great training tool so they will remain calm and trusting in a variety of situations.

Melbourne is a canine-friendly city, and there are numerous places to take your dog on weekends when you finally have the time for them. A majority of beaches surrounding Torquay are friendly to dogs, and some are just outside town and allow for off-leash adventures with your dog. There are even parks allowing on-leash hounds. It is even possible to go surfing with your dog on a bevy of beginner beaches. Just check out where cars are parked with surfboards on the roof and examine the signs about the restrictions when it comes to dogs.

  1. Attention

Sending your dog to a pet hotel will provide them with the attention and affection that they need. The staff enjoys working with animals. As a dog owner, you understand your pet's need for constant and loving attention, which is why there will be someone with your dog from the time they arrive at the pet hotel until you pick them up.

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