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BMX Cologne- Freestyle BMX Dirt, Flatland & SuperBowl Results

BMX Cologne 2014

BMX Cologne, presented by Snipes, was held July 18-20 at the legendary Cologne Jugendpark for a weekend of amazing action sports competitions for Men and Women in Pro and Amateur divisions. For thirty years the park has hosted international and national BMX events, and was the site of the first BMX Freestyle Worlds in 1994. Now called BMX Cologne, the event is one of Europe’s major action sports events and is the only exclusively BMX international event. Flatmatters Online called it “the Wimbledon of BMX" and that is an apt analogy; over 250 riders from 40 countries were on hand this year to throw down. In addition to BMX contests, there’s a festival village, live music, and party atmosphere for an entire weekend celebrating the BMX lifestyle. BMX contests were in Super Bowl, Dirt, and Flatland.

Dominik Nekolny (CZE) took the BMX FLatland title; Alex Coleborn (GBR)  won in BMX SuperBowl; Lara Lessmann (DEU) won the Girls’ BMX SuperBowl contest, and Leandro Moreira (BRA) won the BMX Dirt title.

Snipes BMX Worlds Cologne Pro Men’s SuperBowl Results

  1. Alex Coleborn (GBR)
  2. Logan Martin (AUS)
  3. Daniel Dhers (VEN)
  4. Nick Bruce (USA)
  5. Daniel Wedemeijer (NLD)
  6. Paul Thölen (DEU)
  7. Jack Clark  (GBR)
  8. Chris Nicol (AUS)
  9. Dale O’Brien (AUS)
  10. Mark Webb (GBR)

Snipes BMX Worlds Cologne Girls Super Bowl Results

  1. Lara Lessmann (DEU)
  2. Shanice Silva Cruz (NLD)
  3. Rebecca Berg (DEU)
  4. Analia Zacarias (ARG)
  5. Luzie Ronkholz (DEU)

Snipes BMX Worlds Cologne Pro Dirt Results

  1. Leandro Moreira (BRA)
  2. Brandon Loupos (AUS)
  3. Michael Meisel (DEU)
  4. Dale O’Brien (AUS)
  5. Alessandro Barbero (ITA)
  6. Dawid Godziek (POL)
  7. Konrad Szabo (HUN)
  8. Timothe Bringer (FRA)
  9. Desmond Tessemaker (NLD)
  10. Danny Josa (HUN)

Snipes BMX Worlds Cologne Pro Flatland Results

  1. Dominik Nekolny (CZE)
  2. Moto Sasaki (JPN)
  3. Matthieu Bonnécuelle (FRA)
  4. James White (GBR)
  5. Alex Jumelin (USA)
  6. George Manos (GRC)
  7. Waldemar Fatkin (DEU)
  8. Dez Maarsen (NLD)
  9. Alberto Moya (ESP)
  10. Takayuki Iwate (JPN)

Snipes BMX Worlds Cologne Amateur Super Bowl Results

  1. Troy Hayward (GBR)
  2. Marcelo de Vries (BRA)
  3. Victor Peraza (BRA)
  4. Dominik Freigang (DEU)
  5. Fausto Cesario (BEL)
  6. Pim Scheers (NLD)
  7. Brent Minne (BEL)
  8. Evan Brandes (DEU)
  9. Fabian Sobecki (DEU)
  10. Shawn Hammer (DEU)

Snipes BMX Worlds Cologne Amateur Flatland Results

  1. Michele Maiolani (ITA)
  2. Garcia Correas (ESP)
  3. Rayk Hahne (DEU)
  4. Santi N. Sanchez (ESP)
  5. ose Ramon Ramires (DEU)
  6. Markus Schwital (DEU)
  7. Varo Fernandez (ESP)
  8. Aapo Aires (FIN)
  9. Alvaro Fernandez (ESP)
  10. Jussi Laukanen(FIN)
Sponsors for BMX Cologne include: Snipes, British Knights, Felt Bikes,Capri-Sonne, V+, Sinalco, Sony, lovebmx,com, Art Ramp Parks, Ikonix, and The Byke Project
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