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Did I hear a BOO during the National Anthem, maybe it was Pete Rose!

  • Written by Will Roberts
I’m Will Roberts, and this is the daily Scream .. Ahhh, here we go! 
Well, the football season over for now, I suspect we won’t hear much more about Deflate-Gate.  Anyone who utters a word about it might just be seen as a poor sport. Unless your a person who didn’t really care who won, like me. So here’s the rub. I’m watching the game and, of course, the beginning of any great American sport you have the National Anthem. Side note: I can’t tell you how many events, EVEN RODEOS I’ve gone to and noticed that some folks don’t take off their hats. I'll just assume those are foreigners, and if their not, maybe they should be. So the song begins,  BOO, did I hear a boo? 
That's like folks singing Happy Birthday, and you scream out, but my birthday's tomorrow!, DISRESPECTFUL! Let's go on… 
So during the game one of my favorite ads was the Pete Rose, not allowed in the HALL commercial. But as I was watching, it stuck me. He was banned, for cheating. But wait, let me add others, 
Marge Schott, the Cincinnati Reds owner, banned because of racial slurs.
Donald Sterling - racial slurs 
Tonya Harding - cheating with a beating
Lance Armstrong - doping
So does Deflate-Gate change the way we play sports?  Is it now ok to cheat, as long as you pay a fine or give someone an amount of money?  
I guess there are different degrees of cheating and if you want to see that game in action, watch politics. Hey, professional sports, kind of looks like your takin your ideas right out of a political playbook. 
By the way; Commissioner, let Pete Rose back into the hall. 

Your friend,