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There has been speculation that the COVID 19 pandemic was predicted before hand, this left the world digging into the archive to bring out possible leads.

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Meanwhile, here is what the world found. Here are some movies which creepily seem to be predicting the COVID 19 virus.

The Flu

Well, the name says it all for this 2013 Korean movie which was directed by Kim Sung Su. Only that in this movie the Flu will be called H5N1 virus.

In the movie the flu virus manages to do a lot of damage in just 36 hours. However, the whole community manages to act fast and get a vaccine of the virus in no time.


We are sure outbreak has been quite a common word right now. Hence it would make sense that this movies is on the list before we even get to look at the plot.

This 1995 movie has Morgan Freeman, Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo. The movie looks at how those in power can easily their resources to change and twist nature just to come out at the top.


This movie stars Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow and Laurence Fishbourne. Hence, you are definitely guaranteed of getting the best performances ever from this 2011 thriller.

A lot of people are linking the illness causing Fomites closely to COVID 19. This is they are highly as contagious as the Corona virus. There are many online casino companies that have already donated to fight the Covid-19.

12 Monkeys

This terry Gilliam movie also talks of a very deadly virus. According to the movie, the virus is so powerful than it can actually make the human race extinct.

However, Bruce Willis wears his movie role and saves the world. That is of course, after he actually goes back into time to stop the scientists who created it.