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Darren Yaw's Good Care Group Asia (GCG Asia) Launches Telemedicine Service in Singapore



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SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / July 1, 2021 / Good Care Group Asia (GCG Asia) announces today the launch of GCG Asia Telemedicine Service, providing Singaporeans 24/7 access to high-quality medical care from the convenience of their home by mobile app or website.

The founder of Good Care Group Asia (GCG Asia), Darren Yaw, said in an official announcement that it aims to increase the quality of follow-up healthcare and online consultation among Singaporean patients, making wellness simplified for anyone.

"GCG Asia strives to deliver diagnosis instantly or within 12 hours through video conferencing with its vast network of medical professionals. Medical specialists and users either download the GCG Asia app for free, available on Android and iOS mobile devices, and use the GCG Asia website," said Darren Yaw, GCG Asia CEO.

The GCG Asia telemedicine services address the current healthcare access issues Singaporeans face regarding limited healthcare workforce issues and long wait times. A study by the National University of Singapore's Centre for Health Services and Policy Research and PwC1 states that patients waiting for post-screening results were almost six times more likely to follow up using virtual consults instead of in-person.

Darren Yaw, GCG Asia's CEO said, "Through a powerful combination of consumer-friendly technology and high-quality Singaporean physicians available 24/7, we at GCG Asia want to help Singaporeans get the right consultation and healthcare when and where they need."

Darren Yaw founded GCG Asia in 2017. He has over 20 years of medical experience and more than seven years in senior leadership roles. Darren Yaw is a board-certified surgeon and physician with a Master's Degree in Medicine from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine at the National University of Singapore and a Doctorate in Surgeon from Duke University.

Before starting GCG Asia, Darren Yaw has held many leadership positions, including as director of General Surgery at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Before that, Darren Yaw was the director of General Health at Parkway East Hospital. With his vast background, the current founder of GCG Asia, Darren Yaw brings plenty of experience from the healthcare services network and a deep pool of medical expertise to transform the healthcare industry.

"People in Singapore want a seamless, faster healthcare experience. We are empowering patients across Singapore to easily access healthcare with GCG Asia Telemedicine Services. Through GCG Asia, patients can receive virtual consultations from medical specialists, fill up pre-admission forms and insurance coverage details, share medical background, consent forms, evaluations and more - all in a secure and encrypted platform," said GCG Asia CEO Darren Yaw.

It's important to the founder of GCG Asia, Darren Yaw, that the two-way communication process between patients and healthcare physicians more seamless and transparent. The GCG Asia Telemedicine Service connects patients with licensed doctors to provide immediate resolution for any general conditions. In fact, GCG Asia's CEO, Darren Yaw and his team have personally vetted each doctor to ensure that GCG Asia offers the best care.

In the interest of seamless accessibility, the CEO of GCG Asia, Darren Yaw and his team utilised artificial intelligence in the platform to help patients with their appointment booking, personalised medication needs, and file their health records for consultation. "I believe this represents another advancement in modernising the healthcare experience with a central focus on meeting Singaporeans; needs for high-quality care and real-time resolution," said Darren Yaw, GCG Asia's founder.

As part of today's announcement, Darren Yaw, GCG Asia's founder also partnered with Dato Sri Dr Ng Leong Ya. With this partnership, GCG Asia is setting the one-stop place for all your healthcare needs. According to Darren Yaw, GCG Asia's founder and CEO, it provides everyday services to empower you to control your wellness and health with the power of technology and plans to expand to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

The CEO of CGC Asia, Darren Yaw ensures that healthcare through this app is seamless, accessible, and convenient. "It gives you easy access to control over your personal health so you can better manage your lifestyle while delivering happier and healthier results," said the founder of CGC Asia, Darren Yaw.

About Good Care Group Asia (GCG Asia)

Good Care Group Asia (GCG Asia) is one of the top healthcare companies in Singapore, transforming people's access and experience with healthcare. It uses a personalized interface enabling patients from Singapore to securely connect with medical specialists from the comfort of their own homes. Founded by Darren Yaw, GCG Asia's CEO, he strives to create a safe, affordable and innovative method for patients to receive the help they need in a timely fashion. Currently available in Singapore and soon available in Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia, the GCG Asia app can be downloaded on Google Play and the App Store.

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