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  • Written by Shandoah Goldman
Artsy Yenta is a weekly email offering artists a place to announce their needs for finding artists in other disciplines as well as a platform for artists to subscribe to and be in a pool of potential collaborators. It is a great resource for artists of all disciplines who are looking to get involved with other artists.

Artists are often faced with the struggle of finding collaborators in fields they are not familiar with. The Artsy Yenta is a service created to augment that search. Similar to a matchmaker, it is a valuable resource for those launching projects and need to meet other artists in a field other than one own.

- It is free to subscribe and to post listings.
- Subscribers receive an email each Thursday with multiple postings
- Anyone wishing to include their own post simply sends their listing in by the Wednesday prior to their desired post date.

The Artsy Yenta plans to become a staple in the artist community, providing diversified opportunities for artists of all kinds.

For more information visit the webpage HERE

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