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  • Written by Daniel Freeman
Portland, OR – It seems as if the toy car has finally caught up to the digital revolution. After years of being pushed aside for video games and other more glittery trends, thanks to the innovators at DC Labs, the age of the toy car that can multi-task has begun. Thanks to their recently released “ Interactive App FX Car toy ” a child can now enjoy themselves virtually sitting in the driver’s seat of a speeding car, while they race in the track they have created, complete with buildings, people, shootouts, cabin shakes, car stats, and high octane music.

“Unlike the video games, our drivers spin their own incredible tales and stories in play,” commented Daniel Freeman, Co-Founder at DC Labs. “Checking their engine gauges or high-speed visualizations and sound effects supercharges a child’s imagination rather than leaving it parked.”

According to the company, the newly patented App FX Car delivers a truly interactive car and driver experience. The “extremely green” toy car works in tandem with an iPhone or iPod Touch, using the FX Driver app to create a virtual experience for the pint-sized driver. They then engage the FX Driver app on the device to see into their virtual car. As they manipulate the physical car’s accelerations, swerves, crashes, and race with others, the app responds with sound effects, driver movements, and visual effects. It’s a next generation toy that combines all of the features of the virtual world with actual physical objects, supercharging the child’s imagination. FX Driver will soon incorporate helicopters, planes, space shuttles, and even racing with friends miles away. “This toy grows with your child, as we’re constantly updating the app to make the experience more engaging,” adds Mr. Freeman.

All signs are pointing toward a new era in the age of both toys and gaming for children, with DC Labs leading the way. Early customers have been responding with passionate feedback.

Emily G., from Boston, recently said, “I was a little bit skeptical about the App FX Car, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Totally inexpensive and my son absolutely loves it. Now he’s playing on the floor having fun instead of glaring at his Playstation. I couldn’t recommend this more. Five stars.”

The app can be downloaded at . The App FX Car toy is available through the company. For more information be sure to visit

About DC Labs LLC:

DC Labs LLC is a privately owned company dedicated to finding creative ways to both repurpose electronic devices and bring new life to beloved toys. Please join their cause and help their passionate team of geeks limit the needless destruction of devices today.

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