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  • Written by Steven Coluido
Eugene, OR – SDR reveals the third free software resource they have added to their current lineup on CNET Download center. This is their new Free RAR Extractor Software. Software Development Resource President Steven Coluido has this to say: “Our team has been most successful in providing free software resources to the public since our launch earlier this year, in fact to strengthen our current CNET standing, this third release will add up to our current strong lineup. Our number software on CNET is our CDA to MP3 converter now with 15, 120 downloads and counting”.

RAR Files Explained

RAR is a type of proprietary archival data format [in contrast with container types which houses a lot of different file types], these types of files are often just compressed files.

Most users consider this format as an easy way to share large files across the internet or networks. Most email providers often have limited attachment file capacity and when this happens, decompression can solve the problem.

Non-techie persons may find it very difficult to open nor use are the files are decompressed for easier saving or online transferring options. RAR files are usually made when files are compressed in a folder to shrink its file size. This then makes it easier to send online especially when internal allowance for most email servers today are minimal. Smaller file sizes also typically send a lot faster than bulkier files.

The problem lies with a dependable program that can extract all these decompressed files when they’re received. SDR solves this trick by introducing their own version of a RAR extractor.

This software is able to archive and extract 7 different zip file formats, and even capable of opening files that are password protected. Most competition would just stop at opening different zip formats but SDR’s version goes above and beyond with this new function.

In response to the current review of the product on CNET, Steven answered: “We are also on the move to not just improve its functionality. We take every review given to us by the CNET community users, seriously so expect that we will release updates and patches soon to address the issue brought to us by user RowBare. That is our commitment – customer satisfaction.”

About Software Development Resource

Their team of talented software engineers, programmers and developers have a combined experience of 30 years in the industry. They started as a small shop and quickly grew to now include team members from around the world. They believe that showcasing their talent with the introduction of free useful software programs is a way to help the community and increase their productivity. SDR offers custom software solutions to streamline businesses.

Steven Coluido
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