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  • Written by Jeff Overall
Polar Pro is a California based manufacturer of photography accessories, specifically for outdoor activities such as snow skiing and diving. The company offers its Hero4 Filter to give underwater photographers better quality pictures.

Underwater photography is a popular addendum activity among both ocean divers and those who enjoy different types of photography. Scuba-divers and snorkelers often keep a collection of the pictures they took during the last trip to a reef, while professional and casual photographers add the snapshots to their portfolio of portrait and landscape pictures. However, issues with underwater lighting can hinder the quality of photographs. To help with this issue, Polar Pro has developed its Hero4 Red Filter and GoPro Hero3 lenses to make the necessary adjustments.

Manufacturer of photography accessories, Polar Pro produces underwater camera lenses, such as GoPro Hero3 lenses as seen at . GoPro Hero3 lenses are best used at ocean depths between 15 and 80 feet. Polar Pro’s camera accessories are designed to offer easy installation and removal, while the durable construction protects against damage during use, transportation and adjustment.

Polar Pro’s new Hero4 Red Filter as seen at is one of the company’s latest outdoor photography accessories. Other products include camera poles and mounts to ensure better quality of color pictures in the water, mountains or neighborhood.

Polar Pro’s polarization filters as seen at are excellent for people photographing activities on the water or snow. The Polarizer Filter was the company’s first filter line, and has been upgraded over the years. The filters reduce glare from snow on the ground or from the water’s surface. This benefit is especially important during bright, sunny days when natural light can reduce the image of a photograph. The glass lens ensures sharper image of photographs, while also enhancing color contrast and saturation.

About Polar Pro Filters:

Polar Pro is a leading manufacturer of GoPro® accessories and mounts designed to improve the GoPro® filming experience. The company, which was founded in October 2011 at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) with the creation of a small, polarized filter. Since then the company has experienced explosive growth to selling over 500 locations worldwide. With a dynamic team of young, and innovative employees, Polar Pro continues to find new ways to improve the filming process. For more information, visit, and stay connected on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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