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China – Each people¡¯s life could not leave with the support of the GPS function. With the help of this technology, the location confirmation and other related functions have been easily realized by people¡¯s small electrical devices such as smart phones, tablet PC and the professional iconcox GPS phone tracker. If people want to better utilize the GPS function, they should firstly know about features about it, including the advantages and disadvantages.

Today, the article from the famous GK301 supplier will tell people related information about this.

Advantages of the GPS

The first strong point is the all-weather normally operation. No matter what kind of weather condition that people should face, their GPS tracker could only be influenced by the wedding conditions by a little bit.

Secondly, the GPS signal owns the global coverage advantages. That is to say people could use this GPS function wherever they are at.

The third advantages should be the high-precision three-dimensional locating which let the location checking process become so quickly. This strong point could be easily found from the high quality GK309 from

Main disadvantages of the GPS

However, if people use the GPS function under the places without good vision areas, such under a tree, in the room and in underground parking space, the GPS tracker will not find enough number of positioning satellites to achieve the function of location confirmation. So, if people want to better use the CPS tracker, they should firstly find a place where the space is opened enough otherwise the located function will be greatly limited.

GPS mobile phone tracking business has a huge value-added services structure which is beyond the traditional digital communication industry chain. The GPS SERVICES structure include GIS developers, application providers, middleware providers and other components, including the technologies and applications for mobile communications, satellite navigation, Internet, geographic information systems, integrated information services and any other parts. Overall speaking, the GPS service could be regarded as the integration of a number of technologies and industries.

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