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The capital of Germany has not only the TV tower to offer, but a whole range of attractions that can be explored accordingly fast. The history of the city dates back to the 13th century. Since then, the city is moving steadily. Not taken literally, but figuratively. Berlin is always changing and even if you have seen the capital several times already, you will always find new places as visitors that can inspire you. Which places you should visit in Berlin in any case, that shows up very quickly.
Berlin and its attractions
A visit to Berlin is worthwhile in every season with your VIP Escorts Berlin. More than once, the city can impress visitors with its history. Highly recommended is of course the TV tower, which seems to tower over the city. It offers after a rapid elevator ride a fascinating view over the city and its monuments.
Equally impressive is of course the Brandenburg Gate, which directly points the border between East and West. Getting a jump to the west is not as difficult as it was many years ago. Even today, the piece of the Berlin Wall, which can be found in Berlin's Mauerpark, is steeped in history. A walk through the bustling park can be worthwhile if it creates a fascinating picture with an original piece of the wall. You should visit all these attractions with the High Class Escorts Berlin.
Three of the coveted places have already been mentioned, but of course Berlin has much more to offer. The subway makes it easy to drive directly to Alexanderplatz. Here every visitor gets to experience Berlin up close. Modern shopping facilities and unusual stores with decorations and memorabilia await their visitors. Alexanderplatz is a highlight for visitors who do not know Berlin.
Do not neglect visitors to the Reichstag and Checkpoint Charly. Both attractions are part of an exciting Berlin tour.
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