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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Former U.S. Army Captain and Afghanistan veteran Oritse (pronounced Or-re-sha) Justin Uku debuted his book Taking the Boy Scouts to War: The Short Tale of a Long Journey to Afghanistan on November 3rd, 2014. Just one week later on the eve of Veterans’ Day Taking the Boy Scouts to War became a bestseller on Amazon’s Kindle bookstore. Oritse writes about being recalled to active duty by way of the often used, but infrequently discussed, Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) program. His deployment to Afghanistan involved everything from providing poor villagers with humanitarian assistance to fighting the Taliban in the infamous Battle of Garani (sometimes spelled Gerani). Over 4,000 articles have been written about the Battle of Garani (dubbed by some, “the Garani Massacre”), but never by anyone who was actually there.

In support of the Global War on Terror, many service members who had chosen to leave the military have been recalled to active duty and sent to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq via the IRR program. In 2008 Oritse and several other young officers were recalled and trained as Combat Advisors, thus taking on a mission that previously belonged to U.S. Army Special Forces. These small teams were sent to Afghanistan to mentor and fight along side Afghan National Army and Police units against a determined and entrenched Taliban adversary.

With little of the support or numbers that traditional units enjoy, these small teams of American warriors had to depend on and trust each other, as there was often no one else nearby who they could truly trust.

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