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  • Written by Dallen Geitz
Zero Energy is a southern California-based company specializing in new methods of home energy such as solar power. The company now offers its customers options for installing solar panels.

People in California and throughout the Western United States are known as strong believers in a clean environment and in healthy living. Since its inception, people have appreciated the value of alternative energy sources such as solar energy provided by the sun. Alternative energy provider Zero Energy now offers its customers options related to solar panels.

Solar panels for the home as seen at provide people with a clean and highly effective source of energy. Solar power creates no air pollution or waste. However, the sun does produce enough energy in one hour to serve the entire world for one year.

Zero Energy's solar panels as seen at are a valuable and profitable investment but require very specific locations for installation in order to best meet the homeowner's needs. For this reason, the company's team offers a free home audit to determine the best installation for a specific dwelling. The customer then selects the solar panel that offers the most service while saving considerable amount of money.

As with all forms of energy, there are pros and cons of solar energy as seen at . The major obstacle for many people who want to invest in solar panels is the cost, which can include purchasing panels and paying for installation. However, there are ways to cut these costs significantly, and Zero Energy can help. Some people are concerned over the fact that solar power can only be accumulated during daylight hours, thus limiting the overall ability to store energy for later use. In addition, several utility companies allow for "Net Metering" that allows homeowners to sell back the excess energy that solar panels produce during the day to the utility company in order to offset electric bills.

For the homeowner looking for sound investment, the long-term savings from solar panels are higher than the initial cost. Additionally, the California government offers rebates in some cases equal to 40 percent of the buyer's initial cost. Solar panels are also becoming more efficient, and innovations are being made that increase solar panel's ability to increase collection of energy for later. Zero Energy is happy to help customer explore their options for installing solar panels today.

About Zero Energy:

The idea behind Zero Energy began in 1981 when Gary Gietz, CEO, saw the opportunity to offer high-quality products and a personal approach in residential construction for energy efficiencies. Together with Michael Murphy and Paul Hanson, Zero Energy has grown into a company that makes energy savings a reality for thousands.

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