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  • Written by Jacob Willam
People are turning to natural and holistic options to medicine, from raw foods, herbs and exercise to drinking more water. Adya Clarity purifies and supplements water with minerals. Drinking clean and mineralized water may help immune systems fight colds and flu.

Autumn is often referred to as the 'cold and flu season'. It is also the time of the year when many receive flu shots to strengthen their immune system. However, a growing number of people, including celebrities, openly renounce taking flu shots, which they see as required or coerced immunization.

Staying hydrated and getting a daily dose of minerals are natural immunity boosters, which help prevent colds or hasten recovery time. Drinking clean water enriched with Adya Clarity minerals throughout the day may also be a convenient option. For those who want natural remedies such as cold and flu-soothing tea, preparing tea with mineralized water to enhance its nutritional value may be a good option.

Adya Clarity is a liquid water purifier that supplements water with the perfect balance of minerals including Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium. Because the minerals are dissolved in water, they can easily be used by the body to boost immunity. Adya Clarity is a natural health product licensed by Health Canada. It contains minerals derived from naturally occurring black mica.

Adya Clarity users have shared their experiences on . Some users have felt more energetic and noticed fewer body aches as well as less severe flu symptoms. “Colds and flu are less frequent and when a member of the family does get a cold the symptoms only last for a few days versus a week or two,” said one user.

The natural health community has attested to the health benefits that Adya Clarity offers. Dr. Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute stated that he “wholeheartedly” endorses Adya Clarity as a superior product. According to the tests conducted by this well-respected institution, Adya Clarity is an excellent source of minerals that help bodies stay healthy. An interview between Dr. Brian Clement and Adya founder Matt Bako can be read at (p.22).

Adya Clarity is independently proven to reduce numerous harmful chemicals from drinking water to well below detectable levels. The types of contaminants tested include fluoride, heavy metals, chlorine and bacteria. Lab tests showed that Adya Clarity trapped about 100 percent of fluoride and reduced chlorine by 100 percent. Reduction of such toxins in drinking water may avoid common sicknesses. All lab reports are released on the web at

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