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Report Overview

An electron microprobe (EMP), otherwise called an electron test microanalyzer (EPMA) or electron micro test analyzer (EMPA), is an explanatory device used to non-damagingly focus the compound piece of little volumes of robust materials. It lives up to expectations likewise to an examining electron magnifying instrument: the example is shelled with an electron pillar, discharging x-beams at wavelengths trademark to the components being examined.

This empowers the plenitudes of components present inside little specimen volumes (commonly 10-30 cubic micrometers or less) to be determined. The centralizations of components from boron to plutonium can be measured at levels as low as 100 sections for every million (ppm). Late upgrades on Empas (e.g. the Cameca Sx100 with five oversized PET precious stones for follow component examination) can precisely measure essential centralizations of pretty nearly 10 ppm.

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Research Beam adds a report titled “2014 Deep Research Report on Global and China Electron Microprobe Industry”. The report is prepared with deep insights from industry experts so that market participants get a clearer view of the overall market.

The report gives us the latest happenings in the market along with accurate facts and figures to analyse the situation and take decisions accordingly. It gives brief information on the key market players and their strategies that are influencing the growth of the overall market.

Table of Contents:

Chapter One Electron Microprobe Industry Overview 1
1.1 Electron Microprobe Definition      1
1.2 Electron Microprobe Classification and Application      2
1.2.1 Electron Microprobe Classification     2
1.2.2 Electron Microprobe Application 2
1.3 Electron Microprobe Industry Chain Structure      3
1.4 Electron Microprobe Industry Overview 3
1.5 Electron Microprobe Industry Policy Analysis       4
1.6 Electron Microprobe Industry News Analysis 7

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Chapter Two Electron Microprobe International and China Market Analysis      14
2.1 Electron Microprobe Industry International Market Analysis 14
2.1.1 Electron Microprobe International Market Development History      14

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