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  • Written by Jacob Willam
China - In fact, almost all environments of our lives have been fulfilled with radio waves, television, mobile phone signal and others. The transmitter power of these signals is a few kilowatts or more. Compared to the power of these signal, the transmitting power of the wireless pagers such as the restaurant pagers could be negligible.

The technician from famous wireless restaurant pager manufacturer wireless waiter call introduce with people that the wireless calling products belong to the low-power wireless product which will not do harm to human health. Whether the wireless signal has the harmful effect to human body has directly connection with the level of the transmitting power without any relationship with the frequency and modulation scheme. The transmitting power of pager is almost at around 10MW and the maximum power of CDMA and GSM handsets is generally 100MW. The emission signal of the wireless paging system will be not more than one tenth of GSM and CDMA mobile phone radiation.

Another word, any electronic products will inevitable owns the electromagnetic radiation in working condition. However, the electromagnetic radiation of the restaurant wireless wireless waiter call system is actually very weak. If people think that the wireless pagers¡¯ signal has such harmful influence with people¡¯s health, then, how could we explain our daily carrying mobile phone? Mobile phones have more radiation than the wireless paging system. So far, there are no studies could confirm the assertion that the phone signal will lead to the terrible cancer. The only certainty fact is that the users for phone or the wireless pager will have slight increasing in body temperature.

From this statement of view, if people compare the wireless pager and cell phone, they could find that the level of the signal radiation of wireless pager is only one tenth of the transmit power of GSM and CDMA mobile phone. WHO declared that the high-frequency radiation field generated by mobile phones or the weak radiation field that caused into by the wireless pager will not cause cancer or another disease. So, each consumer could not worry about this problem.

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