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Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry, is showcasing its ground-breaking WideCap-OM4 Multimode Fibre at next week’s ECOC Conference which will take place in Cannes, France on 21-25 of September.

Prysmian Group has developed a new OM4 multimode fibre optimised for multi-wavelength systems; WideCap-OM4 multimode fibre delivers OM4 performance in the 850-950nm window while maintaining compatibility with current laser-optimised multimode fibres. Traditional OM4 fibres offer high bandwidth in a narrow band centred at 850nm. To satisfy the exponentially increasing information demand in Data Centres, the capacity of WideCap-OM4 has been extended to longer wavelengths up to 950nm. WideCap-OM4 and multi-wavelength systems are a viable solution for 40, 100 and 400Gbps transmission. WideCap-OM4 incorporates BendBright® technology to deliver enhanced macro-bending performance.

“WideCap-OM4 is the first multimode fibre optimised for multi-wavelength systems; it extends the operating window of traditional OM4 fibres to 950nm. Allowing the transmission of, for example, four channels in a 100nm window WideCap-OM4 is a prime example of our commitment to drive the advancement of multimode fibres” explains Marco van Dongen, Sales and Marketing Director Optical Fibre, Prysmian Group. “This advanced fibre in combination with multi-wavelength transceivers will likely be used in high performance data centres operating at 40/100/400Gbps in the near future”.

The new fibre will be produced in the Eindhoven plant in the Netherlands, Prysmian’s centre of excellence for multimode fibre and the largest factory in the world for production of this fibre.

Prysmian Group, one of the sponsors of the conference, is exhibiting at Booth 491 and will be one of the main actors with four presentations about latest innovations in next generation fibres.

For more information about Prysmian’s participation to the event visit our stand where a team of commercial and technical experts is available to discuss all aspects of the products and their applications, or visit: