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Mobile Security in Enterprise: Solutions and Companies 2014

Enterprise companies across virtually all verticals are in various stages of leveraging mobile communications and computing to improve productivity, responsiveness, and innovation. However, the benefits of wireless do not come without security risks with associated potential major issues for corporations.

Providing security for mobile devices is significantly different from providing security elsewhere in the enterprise. Some of the issues stem from mobile device dynamics including usage issues (shared more often, used in more locations, fulfill more roles). In addition, a large percentage of applications transmit personal details or device information. Thanks to the growing trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), many approved/unapproved applications, and expectations of new form factors such as wearable technology, wireless devices are increasingly technically diverse in terms of type, model, and feature/functionality.

With all of these issues and factors, there is a need to effectively manage security risk in the enterprise, including prevention, detection, and mitigation.

This  report evaluates enterprise mobile security, including technologies for enterprise mobility management, security services and challenges, and analysis of key players in enterprise mobile management and security industry. The report also includes a view into the future of mobile cloud market.


Target Audience: 

Mobile network operators

Enterprise IT and mobility departments

Smartphone vendors and app providers

Enterprise mobility management companies

Mobile applications and solutions developers

Wireless security and privacy solutions providers

Companies in Report: 


CA Technologies





Ness Technologies

Trend Micro

Verizon Wireless

Voltage Security


Report Benefits: 

- Outlook for the future of mobile cloud

- Identify enterprise security services

- Understand enterprise mobility management lifecycle

- Identify key players and solutions of enterprise mobile security

- Understand mobile devices and enterprise mobile device management


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