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Edinburgh, 29 July 2014 – Exterity (IBC stand 14.H13), the leading provider of professional IPTV technologies for the secure distribution of live, on-demand and recorded video over IP, today announced that it is to launch a new range of its market leading AvediaStream TVgateways at IBC 2014.


These new Exterity solutions enable organizations to receive and securely distribute multiple video streams simultaneously. The new TVgateways can ingest broadcast streams from eight multiplexers via eight tuners in one blade, saving rack space in server rooms, reducing power consumption and making them the highest performing and compelling, professional live broadcast acquisition product available.


Aware of the needs to effectively and efficiently capture and stream live broadcasts from any original signal, Exterity developed new TVgateways that support multiple input/output streams, effectively enabling broadcasters and pro-AV installers to utilize a single head-end to stream all content scalable volumes of end point receivers.

These next generation high-density octo-gateways can process up to eight multiplexes in a single blade from cable, terrestrial and satellite sources.

The new AvediaStream TVgateways include:


  • g4415 Satellite gateway: Dual DVB-S/S2 & Conditional Access Module (CAM) plus integration with Arris SecureMedia encryptor
  • g4445 Terrestrial and cable gateway: Quad DVB-T/T2/C/C2  2 CAMs To interoperate with leading encryption technologies for ingesting and streaming protected content.
  • g4448 Terrestrial and cable gateway: Dual RF inputs feeding eight DVB-T/T2/C/C2 tuners per blade for free-to-air TV and radio channel
  • g4418 Satellite gateway: Octal DVB-S/S2 supporting eight tuners per blade.


“The demand for professional IPTV in Europe grows as more businesses recognize the benefit of leveraging their existing IP network investment to distribute increasing volumes of live broadcast and internal video content throughout their organization. This has placed more pressure on TVgateway performance and we believe these fourth generation TVgateway blades provide the most intelligent and dexterous solution to this challenge,” said Colin Farquhar, CEO, Exterity. “By employing the new Exterity TVgateways, our customers benefit from a single, easily swappable and future-proofed solution, enabling them to focus their energies into their core activity, safe in the knowledge that this system is robust and flexible enough to deal with the demands of multiple IPTV streams.”


About Exterity

Since 2001, Exterity has been designing, developing and manufacturing technically innovative products that deliver networked video over IP to some of the leading organizations across the globe. These organizations choose Exterity products because they want the best, because they demand excellence.

Enabling distribution of HD quality TV and video over enterprise IP networks to an unlimited number of end points, Exterity solutions support large volumes of content and receiving devices without compromising system performance or availability.



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  • Achieved growth in excess of 240% over the last five years
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Headquartered in Scotland UK, we extend our global reach through our offices in Atlanta, London, Paris, Munich, Dubai, Hong Kong and Johannesburg. Localized knowledge and expertise is enhanced through the Exterity StreamForce program of credible, technically innovative partners, plus an extensive network of in-country resellers and distributors.