For people who own property putting in a swimming pool is often a major goal – especially if you are living in a city with a hot and humid climate. It is not surprising really that pools are very popular in places like Australia. But what sort of things should be considered when putting in a pool and is the investment really worth it? These are all very good questions and ones that need to be addressed before going ahead and creating the pool. Here are some important things to consider when looking to put in a pool.

It’s not just the pool

Digging a hole and filling it with water is the easy bit - that is just manual labour. It is the technical support systems and the surrounding structures that are far more complicated. And these are the things that are often not considered. So ask yourself, what sort of pathways and coping do you want around the pool? Speak to experts who specialize in this sort of thing – companies like Sareen Stone, who have branches all around Australia are experts in the field of stones and paving and they would be able to show you many good examples of finishes at their showrooms. The filter systems are easier to fathom, but they are also expensive and should be thought through carefully. When you have some spare time take a few minutes to look at this Mobilebet voucher code.

Consider being chemical free

The notion of chemical free pools is rapidly gaining traction and eco-pools are becoming increasingly popular. The eco-pool is a simple ecosystem that mimics a river. The water is still pumped through a low-pressure pump and filtered through a sand-filter, but the bulk of the filtration is done by plants. As such the pool has a filtration zone and a swimming zone. The end product is a beautiful, natural ecosystem that attracts birds and frogs and which has no chemicals. It is highly recommended: not only for the swimming experience but also in terms of the low maintenance costs.


It is becoming increasingly easy to heat pools, with water pumped through narrow pipes on hot roofs a good example of simple technology that has the ability to raise the water temperature by close to ten degrees. The advantage of this is that the period during which swimming is enjoyable is greatly extended. Done right you can increase the swimming window by as much as three or four months a year, which really does mean that you are getting value for money on your investment.

Cover Up

As attractive as a clean pool looks, it should always be protected with a pool cover, fence or glass balustrade. While these don’t always look great in photographs they are essential if you want to avoid a horrible accident at your property. Far too many families have lost young children to tragic drowning accidents at unprotected pools. It doesn’t take long for a little one to wander off and to fall in, so guard against something like this happening by putting in a fence. This is regardless of whether or not you have kids of your own – it is inevitable that at some stage there will be children visiting and you should make sure that the right precautions are in place.