The feeling you have when you get home must be a comfort that you can not find elsewhere, and your home is the perfect refuge to disconnect and recharge your batteries. A home that combines unique design, different colors and textures is a strong reflection of your personality and the easiest way to restore your mood after a tiring day.

If you've always wanted a house to represent you and impress those who cross your threshold, then an exciting combination of colors and the way you choose to put together can completely transform a room. The painters in Boulder CO share the best solutions to highlight the colors of your home:

Decorate according to rule 60-30-10

If you take a look through interior design magazines, you will notice that this rule is applied to the arrangement of many rooms. Rule 60-30-10 involves dividing a room between colors, each in different proportions of 60, 30 and 10%, respectively. The dominant color will be 60%, then you can choose a secondary color, and 10% will be the accent color.

To observe this rule is more straightforward if you think about it according to the critical points in the room you are setting up: 60% of the dominant color will be represented by how the walls are winding. The furniture and the floor will be in a secondary color, and the accent color can be given by some decorations or a bold floral arrangement.

The colors of a room can be highlighted by both an intense light and a diffused one. The bedroom is the perfect place to create a relaxing atmosphere in which colors can be discreetly illuminated by lighting fixtures like these, wall lamps or lampshades. Moreover, the living room needs a light that imbues it to the natural one, and that highlights the contrasts and nuances used in decorating. Choose a chandelier and accent light to highlight a colorful picture of your favorite sage. Click this.

Choose an unusual color scheme

If you find it hard to decide between colors or you can not tell precisely what complementary nuances you can use in your home, you can turn to a color wheel. This is often used by designers as well as in DIY or Furniture stores because it gives you an idea of ​​how the colors will harmonize in your home. You can opt for a complementary color scheme, such as green shades combined with red, orange and purple or blue and yellow. Very similar is the pattern of analog colors, that is, those colors next to each other on the color wheel: yellow and green, blue and purple or red and orange. This scheme is especially suitable for relaxation such as bedroom, living room or bathroom.

Adds a black decorative item

Often black is avoided in dwellings because it gives the impression of a depressing or dark place. Many design types look great and include black, and it works great to highlight the colors of a room. A black leather armchair placed in the corner of a colorful room will put the light into a new light and make them look more alive.

Adds strong contrasts

A colorful, contrasting color looks better defined, and the alternation of the dark tones with the pale ones can provide depth to a room. The most common is the contrast between black and white, but if you prefer something less common, you can try a combination of beige with gray, which will bring a sense of calm and relaxation in the room. Do not hesitate to use the colors and depending on the mood they give you. If the red energizes you and fills you with good mood, use it in the living room or the kitchen and shaves the discreet blue, green or pink shades to decorate the bedroom.

Use colorful wallpaper to break the monotony

A colorful wallpaper is simple to put on the wall and just as easy to take down, and its great advantage is that you can crop it to fit a library, give the color space behind the shelves, or mark a point of interest in the room. You find on the market many models to choose from, in different colors and textures, with highlights for all tastes. Use it mainly in areas where you want to break the monotony of whitewashed walls or space without other decorations.

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