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Suppose you are head of your family. You have two kids. One boy and one girl. You live in a house in which your grandparents use to live. The old house is famous for its bad condition. Your kids and wife are upset by you because they want you to renovate the house. However, you are not giving them the response they want. You are constantly saying no to them.

One day your son came and asked: “Father, can we renovate the house ourselves? Since we have summer vocations, we can renovate, right?” You said: “Son, how is it possible?” Your son said: “Dad, there are companies that give you the manual and training on how to do it yourself.” You are convinced, but you do not want to do electrical work by yourself. You replied: “What about the electrical work?” Your son said: “Dad, we can use electrician Sydney for this purpose.” You and your family are ready to do it. But how?

Well if you are planning to renovate your house then you must follow the following steps:

1. Make a Plan

Sit down with your family members and your contractor and make a plan of how the house should look like. Make a list of things that would make the foundation of the house; This is a very important step since this will allow you to stay on track for the rest of the construction. It will also save you the trouble of making too many of the head changes during the construction.

2. Foundation

The most basic and the most crucial step in constructing any architecture, the foundation. It is important for the bigger part of the renovation, i.e., the foundation, take place first since it would give you a solid ground to work on. It will also save you from the risk of putting your future renovation endeavors into danger. Repairing of the roof, solidifying the old beams, fixing the water issues. The stronger your house foundation is, the better it will play for the next and the more detailed parts of the construction since the base impacts it all.

3. Electrical and Plumbing

Since we are out of the cavemen times and into the modern world, it is quite necessary to have efficient electrical and plumbing services like central heating and air conditioning. The electrical and plumbing works need to get done while the ceilings are walls are open. Plumbing inspectors are also easily available to provide you guidance. Electrical services like Paul's Electric Service are available 24 hours with credible workmanship.

4. Fine Carpentry

As the name suggests, fine carpentry is the finishing touches to the actual carpentry job done. It gives your windows and doors those neat trims. Fine carpenters install your built-in cupboards and bookshelves etc. Fine carpentry also includes trim and molding, the covering or filling of the area where the walls meet the floor or the ceiling.

5. Interior

Here comes the detail-oriented part of the whole renovation process, the interior. You take special care in choosing the wallpaper, the paint, etc. Since this sets most of the ambiance of the house, this will showcase the kind of people living there. If you have added this to your plan (Step 1), then you will not have to worry about the color or theme clashes happening throughout the house. Making sure that this is one of the last things to be done indoors in the process of renovation is crucial since if done before, it could damage the other works.

6. Flooring

Last but not least, the flooring. Since gravity is a thing and its impossible to eliminate it from renovation and construction, everything comes down to the floor, literally. The floor of a house undergoing renovation is prone to more damage than any other area. It is better that you install the floor as late as possible. Lamination, tile, and hardwood are popularly used as a choice of flooring, but there are multiple other options you can choose from to suit your tastes.

7. Siding

As the exterior of a house is more exposed to environmental damages, sidings are an absolute must. Apart from protecting against the external damages from weather etc. Siding also plays its role in making a statement as an aesthetic add-on. There are multiple kinds of sidings like Vinyl Siding, which is cost-effective and easily available in various colors and designs. Then we have stone and stone veneer siding for those who prefer textures and natural-looking sidings.


8. Buying the RIGHT furniture

Make sure that the beds, the tables, the dressers FIT through your doors after the construction is complete. People often make this mistake of not thinking a few steps ahead. Buying everything giant does not make them any more valuable. Think again when you fall in love with a 12 seater dining table when you can only fit in a ten-seater dining table. Make sure your new furniture matches the harmony of your “new” house, so mark down your door width.

9. Working on a Budget

This step is very important for people under a budget, i.e., most of us. Focus more on working the living room areas etc. If you are under a certain budget, then you and/or the other members living in the house should invest more time, energy, and money in the area where you spend the most time in. Spending more money in one room and then having insufficient capital for the other room will become very unsettling for you. So, it is wise to first renovate the areas where you will be spending the most time in and then if your pocket allows, move on to the other rooms.

10. Interior=Exterior

When spending lavishly on the foundations and sidings of the house, do not forget that the interior matters just as much. If you love your space and increase its value, then make room in your budget for some of the interior design and the décor. Unless it is for sentimental reasons, do not throw a 30-year-old couch in your newly renovated and freshly painted lounge. The same goes for the exterior. Working on the roofs and walls and the molding may sound boring when you can spend the time choosing wallpapers, but there is no point in installing luxurious flooring when your roof ends up leaking. Always start in the outside.


Following all these steps, you will be able to successfully renovate your house into a HOME, while remaining sane. Renovation can take a lot out of a person if not fully prepared with a plan and a set budget before the beginning of the long project. Other than the contractors, electricians, and plumbers, it is also necessary to involve the people who will also be residing in that house, including children in this project. It helps build a sense of ownership and responsibility of the home, which lasts a long time, and your home would not be requiring a renovation again anytime soon.

Make sure you make the right choices at the right time. Choose the right contractor, even if they are slightly more costly than others. Looking for durable furniture, and if your budget allows, then also consider hiring an interior designer to help you meet your tastes.

Psychological stressors also play a hidden role in such heavy projects. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, remind yourself why you are doing this and who you are doing this for. Take a break when you feel exhausted. Build a strong relationship with your hired contractors etc. since you would be spending months working together.

Follow this guide thoroughly, and soon you will be breathing life into your home.