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It can be an exciting experience moving into a “renovators dream” but you should make sure you are informed that the foundations of the house are solid.


Particularly if moving in larger cities like Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney it can be hard to make time to do thorough assessments. The team from Re-stumping Melbourne say:


If a foundation is not in good shape, many other elements of the home can be impacted and over time, that can cost you significantly more money”.

Before you move, be aware of the following three (3) things so that you are not stuck with bigger expenses than you anticipated:


  • *  Are all the doors working normally? Do they swing wildly when you open or close them. Maybe they don’t properly latch when you are trying to shut them all the way or there could be an un-even crack between the bottom of the door and the floor – these are common indicators of foundation problems.


  • *  Likewise, the windows should all open freely and not be difficult to open and shut, any sign of jamming can also be a sign that the foundations are slipping. This problem can be particularly apparent in locations that experience rainy or cold weather often.


  • Can you sense damp in any rooms, or perhaps see evidence of patches of mildew? Monitor all places where you believe there is excess moisture as this can also be a marker for foundation shift.

If you notice any of the above, you should seriously consider reaching out to a restumping expert as soon as you can. It’s always best to try to anticipate problems and monitor anything that stands out as unusual.



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