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What are powdered carbohydrates?


We all have heard of protein powder, but what about powdered carbohydrates? Usually, we read that carbs are bad for you, that you shouldn't consume them, or that you should consume them in smaller amounts (portions), so why would someone want to take them regularly and why in a powdery consistency? Carbohydrates have many important roles in our bodies. They provide us with energy, helps our brain work, regulate our hormones. They are beneficial for a healthy life and lifestyle. Powdered carbohydrates can contain simple sugars such as maltodextrin or dextrose. New versions can be made of more complex sugars. These types of powders have wide use and we decided to mention the 4 most common ones. Check out power supps for more Carb supplements options.


As an immediate source of energy


When consuming carbohydrates your body transforms them into glucose that is used as a direct source of energy. When you are working out you will need more energy than average. Your body needs the energy to endure the whole working out process. If you don't have enough energy sources you won't be able to build muscle. If you do not have a direct source of energy, your body will look for it by breaking down muscle proteins and as a result, you will lose muscle mass. Powdered carbohydrates are suitable because they can be easily taken and don't require any special preparation before taking them. Also, after dissolving in water or some other liquid, the carbohydrates from the powder enter the bloodstream faster because they are in liquid form and achieve their effect faster. This is very important in sports such as bodybuilding and other high-intensity sports.


For better endurance


Carbohydrates play an important role in maintaining endurance during exercise. Adding these products can help you have more strength and exercise longer. That way you get better results. These products contain complex carbohydrates that quickly replenish energy stores and do not give side effects such as dizziness, nausea, etc. like some other supplements tend to do.


For athletes and recovery


Carbohydrate supplementation during exercise has been shown to be extremely important, especially in professional athletes. Research shows that eating carbs before and after a workout can help athletes perform longer and recover more quickly. It also reduces muscle damage and soreness Numerous studies have shown that using carbs helps long-term exercise. Some studies have shown that the use of carbohydrates improves the flow of nutrients to the brain. Also, low levels of carbohydrates in blood can lead to hypoglycemia, which can affect an athlete’s cognitive performance.


As a snack


Carbohydrate powder can also serve as a substitute for sweet foods when we want a sweet snack during the day. In these situations, a powder can be taken to help reduce appetite and help control weight. This is very significant for patients trying to lose weight.




There are many dietary options to chose from. It is important to always adapt them to your needs and your habits. It is also very important to always consult with a health care professional before taking such products to avoid unwanted situations and to make sure u are staying safe and not overdoing something.