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You've probably nailed the e-liquid favours that work best for you after a few trials and errors, but what happens when you fail to store the e-liquid correctly? You could end up compromising on quality. Properly storing e-liquid not only keeps it safe and high in quality, but also ensures a satisfactory vaping experience for longer. If you've stocked up on e-liquid to last you for a few weeks or even for a few months, follow these tips to store them properly to retain quality:

Keep E-Liquid Bottles In A Cool Place

The best possible way to store your e-liquid safely is to ensure it is in a cool place without exposure to too much light. If the e-liquid is exposed to heat and light, then chances are it will lose its flavour over time, which will compromise your vaping experience. Consider the following:

  • Find an area within a cabinet and store e-liquid away from other items

  • Keep e-liquid out of any direct sunlight or heat source like a stovetop, oven or microwave

  • If possible, store e-liquid in the fridge to keep it cool but make sure it does not come in contact with food and lose its flavour

  • If you decide to refrigerate your e-juice, keep in mind that it will thicken so you won't be able to vape immediately after removing it from the fridge. You will need to wait until it warms to room temperature to vape, so make sure you plan ahead

  • Avoid placing e-liquid bottles along with other items in your kitchen as they could be mistaken for some cooking ingredients

Cool places will help to retain the flavour of your e-liquid as much as possible. But you need to ensure that it doesn't come into contact with something else as it could end up losing its flavour before you finish it.

Shake E-Liquid Every Once In A While

Every once in a while it may be a good idea to shake the e-liquid bottle gently. This will help you ensure the ingredients remain mixed and no sediments settle at the bottom. Consider the following:

  • Make sure the storage container doesn't allow much air to pass through as this will compromise the quality of the e-liquid over time

  • Shake the e-liquid gently to ensure that everything stays mixed without causing any spills or quality issues

  • Ensure seal is tight before you shake the bottle to prevent precious e-liquid from spilling

Shaking your e-liquid will help to retain the flavour, but always make sure the bottles are properly sealed to avoid losing any in the process. Avoid using large storage containers because too much air will be allowed to sit in with the e-liquid – this can hurt its quality over time.


Keep Away From Pets And Children

It goes without saying that e-liquid should be kept away from pets and children for a variety of reasons. Consider the following:

  • E-liquid may contain nicotine in different quantities depending on what you choose, which should not be allowed near children or pets

  • Children and pets may play with e-liquid bottles, which could result in spillage and too much shaking

  • E-liquid is not meant for children and pets, as the nicotine can sometimes be toxic when consumed

  • *  Animals can chew through small plastic bottles and compromise quality – so you must use a child and pet resistant material like glass

The best place to store e-liquid bottles is in a cupboard or drawer out of the reach of kids and pets. If possible, lock the cupboard or drawer so that kids cannot find them even accidentally.


Several external factors can influence the quality of your e-liquid juice, which is why you have to be extra diligent when it comes to storing it safely and away from compromising issues. In some circumstances, the quality may change drastically if you're not careful. You will then need to throw away your e-liquid – especially if it smells foul or changes colour. If the e-liquid is paler or darker than usual or looks like a different colour, you may want to try it to see whether the quality has been compromised or whether it is still okay to use. Vaping is an exciting experience so don't let poor quality e-liquid make it forgettable.