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Communication is critical to the success of any business. Some of the things that a business might need when it comes to streamlining its communications is a service provider that offers resources for video calling, video conferencing, audio conferencing, inbound calls, outbound calls, and unified communications, among many others. If you want to usher your business to success, you need to partner with a company that offers the best communications services.

One of the most preferred providers in the industry for these needs is Next Telecom. It offers various Unlimited Microsoft Teams Australian calling plans for several businesses. Companies of this kind may also provide Microsoft Teams calling, teams admin center, phone system license, Microsoft Teams users, calls tab, dial pad, auto attendants and call, and even Skype for business. You only need to look around very closely, so you can land on the right provider.

Before you sign the deal with the communication service provider, it's incredibly important that you learn about their services, such as the Microsoft 365 Teams phone system. In this article, you'll be taken to a comprehensive guide to the Microsoft 365 Teams phone system, plus many other details you ought to know. Keep on reading.

Your Guide To The Microsoft 365 Teams Phone System: What Is Teams Phone?


Teams Phone is a technology from Microsoft that enables call control and Private Branch Exchange or PBX capabilities in the Microsoft 365 cloud via Microsoft Teams.

Teams Phone functions with Teams clients and certified devices. Not just these, Teams Phone also lets you replace your existing PBX system with a wide range of features delivered directly from Microsoft 365.

Calls between users in your company are managed internally within Teams Phone, without going to the Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN. This applies to calls between users in your business located in various geographical areas, taking away long-distance costs on such internal calls.

When you want to make external calls, Team Phones can offer add-on options for connecting to the PSTN. You can visit the Microsoft website for more details about PSTN connectivity options and voice solutions. See Connect to the PSTN and Plan your Teams voice solution.

Features Of Teams Phone


When users like your business utilise Teams Phone, you can use Teams to make and receive calls, transfer calls, and mute or unmute these calls. Users of Teams Phone may click a name in their contacts and place Teams calls to the contact. To make and receive calls, users of Teams Phone may use their mobile devices or other devices and phones that work with Teams.

Moreover, administrators of Teams Phone can also manage calling options and settings from the similar console used for collaboration, messaging, and more.

You may head over to the official Microsoft website for more information on Teams Phone features. Visit Here's what you get with Teams Phone.

Link To The Public Switched Telephone Network Or PSTN


Teams Phone may likewise be connected to the PSTN for external calling in these ways:

  • Buy a Microsoft Calling Plan. Microsoft Calling Plan is your all-in-the-cloud solution, with your PSTN carrier being Microsoft. To learn more, visit their website and see Calling Plans and Teams Phone.

  • Or, you can use your existing telephony infrastructure for your on-premises PSTN connectivity. You may connect your on-premises telephony infrastructure with Teams Phone by utilising Operator Connect Calling or Direct Routing.

For more about all the options of PSTN Connectivity, visit PSTN connectivity options on the Microsoft official website.

Teams Phone With Services


It's interesting to note you can also use Teams Phone for services and voicemail, including:

  • Auto attendants - You can use auto attendants to create a menu system for your team that allows external and internal callers to move through the system to locate and place or transfer calls to users or departments. These are what auto attendants can do.

  • Call queues - You can also use call queue greetings when someone calls into a phone number for your company. These include being able to automatically place the calls on hold and search for the next available agent to take the call while the people are listening to music on hold. Create single or create multiple call queues for your team.

  • Voicemail - Cloud Voicemail is automatically installed and provided for all Teams users. Have your Cloud Voicemail today.


To learn more about these features, head over to the Microsoft official website and take a look at Here's what you get with Teams Phone. Once you're ready to start, head over to Set up Teams Phone in your organisation.

 Benefits Of Phone Systems For Your Business


Here are the top advantages of having a phone system for your business.

1. Save Money And Time

With a phone system, you can enjoy many features that save you time and money.

2. Have A One-Stop Shop With The Entire Features

The business phone system will provide you access to features and services you need to simplify your communications.

Moving to a phone system for the business lets you access features that consumer phone lines don't have.

3. Keep Connected Anytime And Anywhere

Whether you're away from your office or working from home, a phone system lets you access features that'll allow you to stay connected anytime and anywhere.

4. Project A More Professional Image

With a phone system, you can easily and quickly route calls to the right individuals, set up automated assistants, and use many other phone system features that'll let you keep track of the needs of your customers. You can likewise transfer calls to other extensions, plus so much more.

5. Keep Your Private Information Private

Without a phone system for your business, you're risking your data and privacy. A phone system for your team lets you stay in control.

Get Started With Next Telecom Today


Next Telecom is one of the many providers of phone systems for businesses. One of their service offerings is direct routing for Microsoft Teams.

With this, your business phone numbers can be port into the Teams application and make and receive calls from the app.


This stunning phone system providers features that include Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, Call Queues, Voicemail to Email, Video Calls and Conference or Meetings, and Music and Messages on Hold, among many others.


If you haven't acquired this technology yet, now is the time to revolutionize how your business communicates with this innovation. Get started with Next Telecom right now.