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Why Has Hosted PBX Become So Popular As Of Late?

  • Written by News Company

Although it might not ring a bell for some, hosted PBX, or private business exchange, is very quickly becoming a popular solution for businesses invested in the information technology industry. This is for the most part due to the changing technology landscape allowing for advancements that help smaller businesses access the same high quality services of their larger competitors for a very reasonable cost. Traditionally, businesses relying on making and receiving hundreds or thousands of phone calls every day would require a PBX system to manage the incredibly influx of communication, but it was a technology quite out of reach for businesses without a hefty presence – in this article, we take a look at what has changed for small businesses in relation to PBX.

How PBX services have changed for small businesses

It used to be the case that any business without a PBX system would struggle to achieve efficiency, but hosted PBX solutions have completely changed this. With hosted PBX, small businesses don’t have to consider the significant investment in onsite PBX equipment and installation as they are able to seamlessly use the services in the cloud instead. Cloud data services have changed the landscape quite considerably for small businesses in terms of hosting data, and the online usage of PBX services is another excellent example of this. Basically, hosted PBX differs from traditional PBX by not being accessed as hardware in conjunction with an onsite phone system as it traditionally was. Although it may seem impossible in the eyes of some business owners, there are a large number of providers capable of transitioning the entire communications of a business online, where it is stored and operated in the long term. This means that instead of having dedicated people onsite to manage your lines of communication if anything goes awry, you can simply contact the service provider when you need to and they will be able to help as necessary.

Who should be investing in PBX solutions?

Although there is an obvious case for small businesses to implement a digital PBX solution in their workplace, that doesn’t mean that larger workplaces with aging onsite PBX solutions should not also consider the transition to the cloud. This is because PBX hosted through the cloud is infinitely scalable, meaning that it can grow with the needs of your business, whether it be a small operation or a huge one. This may actually be more beneficial for larger businesses tangling with aging hardware, as it ensures that they have the latest technology available to them, as well as the technical expertise available to ensure nothing goes wrong – physical technology obviously has its own problems, particularly when it’s old, and getting professionals to come in and constantly fix them can be a huge investment in time and money (as well as being a particularly good way to help develop headaches).

Why not transition to hosted PBX today?

Cloud services provide a huge number of positives for businesses, whether they be large or small, and moving to them as soon as possible is never a bad idea. Much of this is due to sheer scalability – if you start out as a small business wanting to be a bigger one, you circumvent the need to constantly upgrade your onsite physical servers and equipment, as its all maintained and managed offsite!