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In our age of technology, we are facing threats from many mediums. For businesses, the biggest threat is via our computer systems.

Cybercrime is at an all-time high and still growing. Companies are being attacked daily without knowing what to look out for. Today we are going to look at a few things you should look out for and how to tackle them.

It Doesn’t Start With Your Computer

A common misconception about cybercriminals is that they are completely hidden. This is both true and false at the same time. Although the criminals may be hiding, they generally have to step into the limelight as a first step.First and foremost, most cybercriminals will start by dropping you a phone call. This is because your biggest security leak is, in fact, you or your staff. This is called the information gathering technique.

The hacker will make a few phone calls until they come across the most empathetic member of staff. At this point, they will proceed to make a complaint, albeit a false one. This leads the well-trained member of staff to empathize. At this point, the hacker will seek information personal to the victim and attempt to attain the common ground. This information is then taken to social media in order for the hacker to identify the victims most likely suspects for a password.

Your initial move in protecting against this is ensuring your staff use a combination password and keep their social media as private as possible. You should also implement a no social media sharing in the workplace policy.

Get a Consultant

A great way to improve your security is to get somebody to make a complete embarrassment out of it. Hiring a cybersecurity consultant to attempt to not only penetrate but to extract as much information as possible from your team is an incredibly important step, especially if your company deals with sensitive information.

The consultant will spend about a week testing your systems, staff and at times you. This will be in an attempt to exploit weaknesses in your system, and for the benefits of updating your security and protecting you from real threats in the future.

There are ways you should initially protect yourself. You should avoid where possible retaining any customer payment information and you should also refrain from keeping any personal information of the clients.

Protect Yourself

Finally, you should be following the advice of your consultant and protect your way in any way possible. Looking into outsourced network security like what is on offer over at is a great idea. 

This can give you a long term solution. Alternatively, you could hire your own internal member of staff that deals with cybersecurity and your other IT needs.

All being said, taking care of your cybersecurity is one of the most vital things you can do. You should beware and always be on the lookout for something that doesn’t seem right.