• Written by Ludwig Watzal

The British Prime Minister Theresa May presented the draft of the so-called Brexit deal with the EU to the House of Commons. The three-hour long confrontation showed that she would never get this deal approved, not even by her party. The MPs robbed the agreement like a dead body. Nevertheless, she insisted multiple times, "to see it through" because it would serve British national interests. Although May's presentation in parliament was a disaster, she kept very coolly and resilient.

Close inspections reveal that this deal is a Greek gift to Great Britain and the British people. This deal will tie the UK forever and ever to the European Union. It's absolute surrender to this anti-democratic European Union. Britain can't negotiate individual trade agreements with any country, not even the United States. Such agreements stay an absolute prerogative of the EU! It's precisely the opposite of what the British people have voted for on 23 June 2016. It's not a complete reclamation of sovereignty but will degenerate the United Kingdom to a vassal state of the EU Commission. One has to ask, how Theresa May and her government could have approved such a horrible deal?

Many ministers and deputies resigned, the most famous one was the Brexit negotiator Dominic Raab. The latest opinion poll shows that less than 20 percent of the people back it. The EU got everything they ask for by May. The EU did not negotiate in good faith with the UK government. They stonewalled in every aspect of the process. The main aim of the EU was to demonstrate to the rest of the member states what comes up to a country that dares to leave this club.

This deal has no chance to get approved by the British parliament on 10 December. It's dead in the water. May will face a no-confidence vote in her party. Neither the British people nor the conservative MPs have confidence in May anymore. She should be replaced by a Prime Minister who stands for a true Brexit and stands up to the EU Commission and its anti-democratic policy. The UK should get its full sovereignty and self-determination back and set an example to other countries who want to leave the EU. If the EU doesn't make further elementary concessions, the UK should leave this crumbling European Union without a deal.

A separation from the EU would not lead to a disaster such as the German economic class wants the public to believe. They cry wolf to keep their financial and economic domination over Europe intact. The Brits can get along without the EU comfortably. Their exports amount into the EU only to seven percent of the total. Germany is much more dependent on the British market than vice versa. The British government could make good for the temporary dent in the export industry by stopping their amount to the EU.

"Brexit means Brexit. Britain won't remain half in, half out" of the EU, once Theresa May said. On this promise, May has still to deliver.

Ludwig Watzal

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