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Home improvements are something that take a lot of consideration. Homeowners want to find the work to have done on their properties that will give them the best improvement in their general lifestyle while they live in the house, and also add some value should they come to sell. One type of home improvement that has really been catching on over the past couple of years is erecting what are known as 'garden rooms' or 'outdoor rooms' – that is, prefabricated structures separate from the main house that serve as an additional room – like the ones you can see at

The trend for putting up and using garden rooms is set to continue with this being many home improvement experts tip as one of the most popular home improvement investments for home owners in 2016. Here, we look at some of the reasons why this is likely to be the case:

Easier Than Extending

The improvements that add extra living space to a property tend to almost always be the ones that add the biggest improvement in terms of actually using a house, and also making it more appealing to buyers. However, actual extensions to an existing house are a considerable undertaking in terms of time, work, cost and the planning permission you need. You may also not have a suitable place to extend your house. With an outdoor room, you can get that new, flexible, fully usable living space without it having to be adjacent to the main house – it can go anywhere on your land where you have room. Also, being prefabricated, garden rooms are fast to build, and being external, it is much less invasive having this work done than having builders around constructing a full extension.

Making the Most of Space

Some homes have large gardens, but not all of that space is really enjoyed or used for anything. By installing a garden room, you can leverage your garden space and also have living space you can use all year round, rather than just when the weather is warm and dry. Making the best use of the space available is something we are used to considering when it comes to interiors, but this allows homeowners to be equally efficient when it comes to using their outdoor space.


Your outdoor room can be used for a huge range of things. Some people build them to primarily use as a second living room – for entertaining, relaxing in, or as a play room for kids. Others use them as home offices, giving them a good separate place to work in or run their business out of. Outdoor rooms can also be used as studios for exercise, music, art or crafts, or as a games room or home cinema – the possibilities are enormous!

With flexibility and the ability to really optimise how you use your space, it is clear to see some of the reasons why garden rooms are likely to remain such a popular home improvement in 2016!