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If you’ve ever fancied testing the waters of the property market with your hard earned cash, there may not be a better time to take the plunge. With financial markets a little more volatile in recent months, you may be able to pick up a pad for a song and below market value. However, on the flip side, you may find the less buoyant market means that your property is a little trickier to shift. If flipping is your property investment of choice, now may not be the ideal market conditions for your venture. However, if you are willing to play the long game and rent out your purchases, you could see your savings working a little more lucratively than if you simply left them in your bank account.

Think Outside The Box

If you are still priced out of the property market in your locality, you can consider looking further afield. Alternatively, you might want to look into purchasing a plot of land. From here, you can employ a team of commercial builders to construct a warehouse or office quickly which you can then lease out. If you can gain planning permission and follow all relevant legislation, you could find yourself earning a decent monthly sum that can cover any mortgage you take out alongside some extra cash for your savings pot.

You don’t have to opt for a commercial or residential let. Instead, think about looking at traditional vacation areas. Holiday homes, while only let out for a set season each year, can command lucrative weekly rental prices. At the same time, you can cut your accommodation costs when you fancy a little foray or a few days away as you already have a home ready and waiting for you.

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While many people state that your money is as safe as houses in property, there are alternative routes down which to invest your money. Perhaps you fancy an exploration into the world of Forex. Plenty of amateur investors now spend their spare time selling Chinese yuan and buying the US dollar. All you need to do is set up a dummy account to practice your Forex skills before giving it a go for real. Only ever invest what you can afford to lose and be aware that this is deemed as a riskier investment than property.

If you'd rather be more hands off with your investments, you could choose to relinquish all responsibility to a hedge fund manager or financial advisor. After discussing the risks you want to take, you could find yourself investing in a varied and exciting portfolio with some high risk, medium risk and low risk options. This is a long term approach to investments, but after a decade or more, your money should have made you a tidy profit.

For those individuals who wish to throw caution to the wind, the world of bitcoin is still inviting, albeit highly volatile.

Becoming an amateur investor shows courage and a willingness to be more proactive with your savings. With any luck, by investing in a range of projects, your savings pot will increase over time to help make your twilight years much more comfortable.

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