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People need a source of warmth during the cold months and that why having a glowing fireplace is essential. Over the past years’ people used to rely on wood-burning fireplaces which are considered traditional. The popularity of gas fireplaces has increased in the last few years. They have a great number of benefits as they are affordable, and they guarantee safety.

Below are the reasons why you should equip your home with a gas burning fireplace.


They are really affordable when compared to wood-burning fireplaces. In the past, fireplaces demanded a lot of space as well as a frame of non-flammable materials like brick and stone. Direct-vent is one of the gas fireplaces that are well known since it does not demand a new chimney to be installed. The installation of the chimney is usually done by Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) professionals. The most fundamental consideration is the capability to run the vent and the presence of the gas line. Naturally gas is cost-effective in relation to wood.

Ease of Use

Gas burning fireplaces are an improvement of the wood-burning fireplaces. These fireplaces are easy to use because there are gas models which are lit through the switch and others via the remote control. This is easier compared to wood-burning fireplaces where you need to have a constant supply of wood. The only time this fireplace will not ignite is when there is no gas available but as long as it is properly maintained it will light with minimal ease. They don’t need starter materials or logs.

They are more efficient and cleaner

Since they don’t use wood, they don’t have to be cleaned all the times. When in use, the gas fireplace does not leave ash or residue in the firebox. The vent should be checked at least once in a year to ensure there are no blockages, chimney sweep or other annual cleanings to get rid of soot and debris is not important.

Variability of Design

Just like a traditional fireplace, direct-vent fireplaces can be placed directly on the wall or in the middle of the room. Gas fireplaces are flexible and can be installed in any part of the room as long as the HVAC professionals are capable of running a vent and the gas line. Due to the variety of installation options, gas-burning fireplaces are an exceptional means for integration of any existing décor. In the case of redecoration, there are several types of fireplace designs that can be implemented to keep your installation up to date. The home improvement and decorating companies have professionals who offer advice and the procedures that need to be followed when remodelling your fireplace and you can also seek professional advice from contractors who major in this field.

Good for kids

A natural fireplace is well suited for both the kids and the pets because it is controlled, and it does not generate fly away sparks or flames.

No Restrictions

There are countries which have restricted the use of wood-burning fireplaces due to the environmental concerns.

The discussed above are some of the advantages of using gas over wood-burning fireplaces.