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Plumbing issues can often be solved on your own without professional help.  There are, however, some plumbing problems that need to be handled by a professional. These issues can lead to bigger ones if they are not dealt with quickly.  Homeowners may encounter some or all these issues:

Smelly Drains

If your drain smells bad it could be a sign of a plumbing issue. This smell can be very nasty, so most people want to deal with it quickly. The way most homeowners deal with it is to throw intensely harsh products down the drain to see if it can be cleared and this does work sometimes. The issue is that it is not a long-term solution to the issue and similar to blocked drains may cause a problem that will affect your health. The problem can worsen with cleaning chemicals. Instead of trying all the methods you have read about online to repair stinky drains yourself you should consider calling a plumber to assist.

Whether the stench is emanating from your bathroom drains or your kitchen sink, it can get nasty very quickly. The smell in kitchen drains can be caused by rotten food particles that are sitting in the trap area or it could be due to a buildup of bacteria. Occasionally the issue is that a drain does not have a soil vent pipe where foul odours are diverted from main living areas of the home. A professional plumber can install an SVP in your bathroom or kitchen to assist with foul odours.

Water Main Break

A break in your water main can result in a serious issue very quickly. A broken water main below the surface will force water from the ground which can result in a geyser that can extend many hundreds of feet into the air, depending on the pressure behind it. This will result in a major flood to surrounding streets and homes, not to mention the void left behind by the absence of water where it should be. These voids can lead to sinkholes in roads and can be very dangerous.

Water main breaks require the assistance of a professional plumber that is experienced with working with water lines and the repair of them. If this is a homeowner issue, the resulting water bill can be astronomical, so it is very important to deal with any issues quickly. Preventing a water main break is the better solution but when it cannot be prevented, quick resolution is the best alternative.

Drainage Line Issues

If you have a problem with your drainage line, it could mean that one of the pipes that remove grey water from the drain is affected. This means that the water will seek other ways to drain. This can lead to more pressure in your drainage pipes which can lead to damp areas in your walls or on your floors.  If you are seeing any mold growth around your home near drainage areas this could mean that there is a leak in your line. Other indicators are areas that are buckling and cracks. Most pipes are hard to get at because of how they are installed, making them particularly difficult to repair. It is always a good idea to hire a professional plumber to deal with your drainage line issues.

Sewer Line Break

If you own an older home in the city you may have an old sewer pipe system. Many cast iron pipe systems were installed in the past and these only last for a few decades before they require replacement. When they are not replaced, they could fail at any time. Other issues that can occur are tree root intrusion, badly aligned connections, channeling and cracks in the lines.

There is nothing more stressful than a sewage line break. If the water and waste from your sewage line drains into your home, it can be extremely messy. If the problem is under your home, it can be difficult to identify and repair.  The first time that you notice such an issue may be when you notice the odour.

Frozen Pipes

If your pipes are exposed to the outdoors and may freeze you should protect them. Water and drainage systems should never be installed on exterior walls of buildings.  Vent pipes can be on exterior walls if they are not exposed to frost. Unprotected pipes are at risk when it comes to colder temperatures. Water expands as it freezes and can damage pipes. One gallon of water expands by 9% as it freezes.

Installing a Dishwasher

If you have purchased an appliance that needs to be connected to water in some way, are you confident enough that you will do it correctly and effectively? Dishwashers can be extremely difficult to set up with a certain amount of complexity involved. All you need to do is get in touch with a licensed plumber to get the work done for you since they are aware of all the steps needed to ensure that the work is done to a high standard.

Replacement of or Rerouting Pipes

If you need to replace or reroute plumbing pipes it can be a complex issue. This requires you to dismantle and reroute certain portions of pipes which may be cracked. There are many important steps that should be undertaken before the pipes are even touched. Since pipes are often contained inside walls, it means that you will need to locate the exact part that needs to be replaced and deal with it quickly since you will need to shut off the water main to get the work done.

A professional plumber can take care of all these issues for you with the right skills and knowledge. If you do not have plumbing experience, it is never a good idea to tackle complex plumbing issues on your own. Professional plumbers can get work completed in a timely way to a high completion standard. Sometimes homeowners get themselves into more trouble and create more problems when they decide to take on these plumbing projects to “save money”.

Image from Refined Plumbing Sunshine Coast

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