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Architects play an essential part in the housing sector. Architectural design work is responsible for giving clients houses that they have always dreamt of having. When you want a unique design for your home, it is usually influenced by different things. For instance, seeing designs in your magazines or your friend's house may inspire you to go in a particular direction, especially when moving into a new home. Most importantly, as a future homeowner, you may have always had specific designs in mind, and this will significantly influence what you want your new home to look like.

Architectural design trends change from time to time, and they significantly influence the market overall. Lately, several trends have cropped up, and most of them aim to make homes more efficient. Modern living and movements such as the sustainability movements have also influenced these trends, and here are some of the latest trends in the housing sector.

1.Smart homes

Technology continues to be a significant force in the home sector, and it keeps offering smart devices and solutions which help you save time and have run your home more efficiently. When you purchase land for sale in Wallara Waters, Wallan, you can choose to integrate this trend. Your smart home could include anything from intelligent lights, AI-controlled temperature, and tech-controlled security. Apart from the available smart home functions, the improvement of other solutions is still ongoing.

There are also smart appliances being incorporated into homes, including the computerization of some elements. Good examples are the Bluetooth power outlets and light fittings directly controlled using smartphones. Lastly, robotics has also been incorporated into houses, and this technology requires little to no human interactions in the performance of specific tasks.

2. Design

Old trends tend to come back in every industry, including architectural styles. Mid-century modern designs have come back, and this is one of the trending designs right now. This rediscovered style is defined by the expansive floor-to-ceiling glass as well as flat linear roofs. Furniture from the mid-century era, heavily influenced by Scandinavian design, is also added to complete this aesthetic.

Parabolic curved roofs sometimes feature in this design, and they create beautiful illusions. There is an integration of arches with intentionally distorted proportions in modern mid-century design, which differentiates this trendy design from others.


The latest trends have also poured into the type of materials used for building houses. Natural materials such as stone and timber are now being embraced in architecture. These materials combine with materials such as natural concrete and weathered metal to bring out a raw natural design. Therefore, you can forego some modern materials such as paint and use some of them to achieve the desired effect.

Recent trends are an excellent way to reinvent your home and make it more hospitable. By paying attention to these current trends, you can easily see the direction that the architectural industry is taking and incorporate them to achieve the finish that you envisioned for your new home.

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