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Agricultural and ornamental protection by bird control netting

  • Written by News Pronto

Preventive measures are strongly recommended for any act that can lead to deleterious effects, unrecovered damages, and monetary loss. Every field has its own concerns regarding the trouble shoots and side effects that are possible if precaution is compromised.

In the agriculture sector, such sort of behavioral approach is necessary to implement on to protect the fields of crops by inclusion of birds and their activities. Attack of birds and pests is havoc to the farmer’s annual efforts and the growth of crops, so, such strategy is a beneficial attempt in excluding birds to a certain distance.

Bird control is important, therefore, differently sized and shaped metallic mesh are brought on the scene to guard the premises that are otherwise vulnerable to birds. This is called bird control netting.

Application of bird control netting

Bird control netting is common to gardens, agricultural fields, homes, nurseries, botanical gardens, building properties, etc. It is one of the affordable methods to control the uninvited entry of birds. Not all birds are intruders and pests to plants, but a category of birds like woodpecker, pigeons, crows, and other bird species must be restricted of entry by the use of intricate nets. It is not a very expensive option to employ for preventing disasters resulting from bird damages.

Crop protection and setting up bird netting

The main concern is to ensure crop protection; still it is important to assure that the netting is safe for the birds too. This can be termed as wildlife friendly netting which is specially organized to distanced birds from a certain area.

Appropriate meshwork selection for bird control

It is recommended that the mesh used should be about less than 5mm and about 40lbs burst strength. Depending upon the necessity and disturbance that can be caused by birds, the material from mesh is selected, as plastic and heavy duty steel are the possible two options.

Management over bird’s entry by installation of netting

Bird control means the management over the entry of birds and related birds pests to a restricted property area. This is a major worry factor in premises like gardens, nurseries, botanical gardens, fruit tree areas, vineyards, and other greenery occupied places where there is a wide-spread species of crops and plants, susceptible of bird’s attack.

Materials employed for bird’s netting

Bird control netting is one of the simplest, cost-effective, reliable, manageable, and quality approaches to guard both small and large areas from bird’s arrival. It is a gold standard procedure employed worldwide for physical exclusion of birds. Metallic and plastic net or mesh is the best one to install, whereas, carbon black color is preferred for net as it is supposed to be UV inhibitors which is incredible at avoiding sunlight.

Types of bird control netting

There are many different types of bird control netting that is currently in use for stopping birds attacking and penetrating into prohibited areas. These includes

  • Nylon bird netting

  • De-bird garden netting

  • Feitore bird netting

  • Petidream garden bird netting

  • UV stabilized plastic bird netting

  • Stainless steel bird netting

  • Wire mesh bird netting

All these versions of nettings are found to be efficient to control bird’s traffic invading property. The qualities that are present in the above mentioned nets is that most are customizable, promise 100% exclusion of birds, non-splitting, re-usable etc.

The services of bird nets are dual for gardens and the farmer’s hard-earned fruits and vegetables. The nets surrounding the regions are aesthetically pleasing as well as excellent shield of protection. Bird control netting are highly recommended when the life of ornamental plants are at risk by bird’s attack.

Other protection services

In addition to it, there are many construction buildings and parking areas that are also equipped with the facilities of bird’s net around. There are many meshes that are specifically manufactured and maintained as pigeon netting, as these are designed accordingly to the size of pigeons.

Safe and sound method for birds

Bird control netting is a humane and safe method to prevent birds to cross a boundary set for them in places like constructions, gardens, nurseries, ornamental areas, etc. It is important to use good material for nets as if cheaper quality is employed, birds can easily wear-out the mesh in no time. Many balconies, kitchen gardens, patios, garages, and other structural entities can be protected by installing bird’s netting.

Bird control netting is an effective method that is utilized by farmers, gardeners, homeowners, etc. for preventing bird’s entry in restricted spaces. This is a beneficial mean to protect fields of crops, ornamental plants, fruits and vegetables, etc. from bird’s attack. Steel and plastic are the two material options for developing nets safe for preventing birds to certain areas.