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There’s nothing quite like booking a holiday. Knowing the date that you’re flying gives you something to count down to, and once you start to look ahead to your break, you become more and more excited. The excitement can mix with apprehension though, if this is your first time travelling alone.

When people choose to go on a break, they usually pick their loved ones, partners or friends to go with them. Firstly, there’s safety in numbers. A big group of people having fun together is less likely to be approached or robbed than a single woman travelling by herself. Secondly, excursions like are usually far more fun when you have someone that you know alongside you to share it with. The thing is, sometimes the best travel companion that you can have is you. It’s an experience that is not only liberating, it rewards you with so many experiences and over the years, more and more people are turning to solo travel as their main way to go.

You have a very limited amount of time and cash to spend on travel, but you do have a whole world of possibilities out there. If Australia is on your bucket list, here are some of the top tips that you need if you should choose to go it alone and see the country you’ve been pining after.

Be Prepared. The first thing that you need for your travels – any travels – is insurance. You need enough to cover you for the emergencies, such as stolen passports and cash, and for things like medical emergencies. You also need to have the right visa to travel on, and you can read about that here.

Choose Tours. There are so many tours that you can go on across Australia and the one we mentioned above as a short tour is just breathtaking. For something a little longer, why not have a look at the numerous bus travel options that are available to you? You’ll make new friends, see new sights and experience things that are all on your bus route.

Choose Hostels. Hostels are an excellent community place to meet people in Australia, and they’re filled with people in the same travel boat as you. You’re all travelling either alone or in small groups, and you get a chance to crack open a beer while watching that sunset.

Take Time For You. Travelling by yourself – regardless of the hostels or bus tours you take – is a chance to spend some time quietly appreciating you. You can take a moment to understand a little more about you, push your own boundaries and develop new interests simply by taking time alone.

Boosted Confidence. Travelling by yourself is a huge deal and your confidence can grow massively purely because once you’ve made that decision and booked your trip, there’s little scarier than that!

At least once in your life you need to take the plunge and go it alone – it’s more popular than ever because it’s something you only really do once. Make your trip count!