• Written by Alison Lurie

Surf and resort are just two of the extremely interesting words that get a thrill seeker excited. Whether you have experience in surfing before or you’re a complete beginner, below are some helpful surfing tips you can start working on right now to maximize your much-awaited surf resort trip!


Stretch, stretch, stretch!

Stretching should always be a part of any dynamic exercise routine. It will do wonders for you by preparing your body for some physical activity. One way to strengthen your core and make you more flexible is doing yoga. Warm-up and stretch before going into the water as cold muscles are more prone to injury, and take your time to cool down and give your hamstrings, shoulders, and spine a good and satisfying stretch to release muscle tension after every surfing session.


Work on your balancing skills

Balance is essential to surfing. While you’ll want to get your fitness levels up for you to be able to paddle and catch some waves, you should aim to have great balancing skills if you want to be able to stand on your surfboard.


You can train and do some simple balance exercises such as heel-toe walking and a flamingo stand, or you could opt to go a little bit extra and practice balancing at home with a balance board. Balance boards are a surfer’s second-best friend. Balance boards offer a fun way to improve both your balance and motor coordination skills, all while strengthening your core. Prepare for your surfing trip by getting a better balance and improving your dynamic stability.


Hit the gym

Prepare for your surf resort trip by doing some “surfercise.” Focus on working out your core. Target your abs, back, legs, shoulders, and arms. Train these specific body parts well, but be careful not to overdo it. It’s better to start small and gradually work your way up. The goal is to increase your strength and stamina so you could catch more waves and make your sessions last longer.


Hit the pool

Get your cardio fitness up and keep those paddle arms fit by swimming a few laps in your local pool. Grab a boogie board, put it under your chest, and paddle without kicking your legs to get your body conditioned for those long paddles.


Practice holding your breath

Improve your breath holding tolerance by adding some underwater swimming to your freestyle swimming. The ability to conserve oxygen while taking a beating in the surf will come in handy when you experience long hold-downs.


Watch your diet

To stay energized and endure long hours in the ocean being exposed to the sun, you must have a solid nutritional foundation. Consume enough protein, stay hydrated, limit refined carbs, and commit to your overall. Additionally, prepare your body inside out by putting on some extra weight. All the training for your surfing trip will most likely burn many calories with all that cardio and endurance training, so it is important to fuel your body with all the nutrients it needs.


In conclusion, Mother Nature always has the final say. An increase in wave count would equal an increase in physical activity, which will surely take its toll on your body. The waves will always be unpredictable. On that note, don’t forget to put into practice all the tips above to get yourself ready for some amazing time surfing!

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