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Get off the beaten path - take one of these extraordinary trails for a summer 2021 vacation!

Everything and everyone blooms under the sun. Do you want to go to warm countries, but dream of something non-trivial? Got a lot of money on Greyhound racing betting and want some unforgettable experience? Then choose something to your liking from our list of 3 places to go on vacation this summer!

Zakynthos, Greece

We can bet that you have seen this small Greek island more than once in the pictures, without even knowing it! One of its beaches is the hallmark of all Greece and is one of the ten most beautiful in the world.

Although the famous beach is far from the only attraction of the island. Here you can swim in the sea with large turtles, feed adorable deer and raccoons from your hands in the forest zoo, explore the quaint Blue Grottoes by boat, and then get into the most authentic villages of the island in a rented car. Do not forget to visit the cozy miniature monasteries, taste delicious Greek cuisine and finally "plant" the sun in the sea on the southernmost promontory of Zakynthos.

Blagaj, Bosnia, and Herzegovina

Now you are definitely off the beaten track. Blagaj is a tiny town at the foot of the formidable cliffs a couple of hours from the Croatian Dubrovnik. The stormy river Buna wraps around him like a scarf. The main local attraction is the 16th-century dervish monastery open to the public. It is always good in Blagaj, but best of all in August - when the Mediterranean climate shows itself in all its glory.

Seville, Spain

Seville is a wonderful city where you can relax in the summer and at the same time walk around the filming locations of the famous fantasy saga "Game of Thrones", in which the Spanish beauty appeared as the capital of Dorn. And also spinning in the rhythms of passionate flamenco and with a sinking heart follow the bullfight on the old city arena, because these two activities are the main hobby of local residents and the true symbols of Seville!