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Business is incredibly complex, and success relies on all elements of your company performing in harmony. Much like a machine, if one area fails, it can lead to the failure of the overall unit. Marketing can be one aspect of business that many entrepreneurs can overlook- let's face it, we all believe our business is the best thing since sliced bread and can optimistically open our doors in the belief that the custom will come flocking in. But there's far more to it than that, to snag those all important customers you absolutely need the right marketing techniques to get your name out there to the right people. Here are some of the reasons marketing is so important, and what you can be doing to find the right methods for your business.

Consider Face to Face Marketing Methods

In person marketing methods are often overlooked, however being able to communicate with customers and clients in person and demonstrate your products or services is invaluable. If you have the opportunity to set up a stall at at a business expo then it could bring in significant new custom and interest. As these are large events with a lot going on, you really need your stall to stand out in order to grab the attention of those passing by. Use a company like Event Display expo displays, who specialise in this area. Work on making your stall as eye catching and interesting as possible, both aesthetically and regarding your interaction with potential clients. Live demonstrations, games and competitions are far more interesting than boring presentations. Attending an expo gives you an opportunity to network and gain work from new clients. For this reason you should be sure you're handing out business cards as well as taking details such as names and email addresses. That way you can send a polite follow up email if needed in the weeks or months following the expo. Other face to face marketing could involve hiring salespeople to deliver a pitch or presentation to customers or other businesses. It’s far more interactive and people can ask questions, your salespeople can persuade those who would otherwise be left on the fence. For some types of businesses, this can be an effective way to promote and sell products.

Utilise Online Marketing

We now live in a very digital age, and having a strong online presence is vital for just about every business. For this reason, it's vital to get your online marketing methods right if you want to succeed. Social media marketing is arguably one of the most widely used and crucial marketing tools at modern businesses disposal. It has the benefit of having higher conversion rates than most other types of marketing and being active on social media can also help you to build up your brand and reputation. Good interaction shows customers you're readily available if things go wrong, and having a large following shows that you're a popular, legitimate and successful business that people can put their trust in.  Social media sites are free to set up, even for businesses, and it’s an easy way to advertise and promote to a huge number of potential customers. You will need a social media marketing expert on your team to ensure you’re making the most of the opportunities this kind of marketing can bring to your business. If you don't want to hire another employee, you always have the opportunity to outsource the work. Affiliate marketing is another widely used digital marketing technique. While an older method of marketing it's not something to overlook. Google Adsense is one of the most well used examples, if you sign up to this it means your ad is shown on lots of relevant sites to people who are most likely to be interested in your products. It's worth setting aside part of your marketing budget for something like this, particularly if you sell your services or products nation or worldwide. As it's a widespread method for getting your business name and message out there.

Don’t Overlook Older Methods

There's no doubt that online marketing is extremely valuable to the average business. However if you sell locally, for example your business is a local cafe, then promoting far and wide across the internet makes little sense. In these instances older methods can be useful, things like leaflets, posters and billboards placed locally can target the local customers you are trying to appeal to. It's not to say you don't need an online presence as this is still crucial to your success as a business, customers will still be searching for companies like yours online- even if they will be buying from you in person. But it does mean that you can focus more of your marketing budget on older, non- digital methods since these will likely lead to more success for your business. It's important to research, and work out exactly what kinds of methods will work for you. For example, printing thousands of flyers and posting these through every door can be expensive and time consuming. However if you have a business that appeals to students, for example a cheap food establishment, internet study cafe, laundrette or bar then leaving flyers in and around student accommodation is much more targeted. If your business appeals to children or parents, then asking companies such as daycares and soft play areas if you can leave leaflets or business cards could be a wise move.

There are numerous ways you can market and advertise a business, a mixture of different techniques is often the most effective strategy. However the combination of methods you choose will largely depend on the type of business that you have and your budget amongst others. If you’re noticing a slump in profits then taking a closer look at your marketing is a smart move. In many cases, updating your marketing materials could be enough to generate new interest and get the ball rolling again.