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It will be of no surprise to you that moving home is stressful.

It's stressful on a practical level, as there is much you will need to do when selling your home and buying another.

It's stressful on a financial level, thanks to the cost of a mortgage, realtor, and legal fees.

And it's stressful on an emotional level too, as while you might be excited about the move, you might also be feeling sad, anxious, and occasionally frustrated too. It's on this subject that we have some suggestions for you in this article. 

#1: Get all the help you need

We're thinking of this on two levels.For one, the more help you get on a practical level, the better your frame of mind will be when going through the moving process. So, be sure to hire the professionals like Brisbane removalists you can trust, including those realtors and interstate removalists that can reduce some of your burdens. And ask for practical support from friends and family too, perhaps when packing and clearing out your property. With such help, you should have less need to feel anxious and concerned, and you will have better peace of mind when in the midst of your to-do list.

And secondly, ask for help from those people who can give you emotional support. Be they friends, family members, or even your doctor or therapist, if you need to talk to somebody about the way you are feeling, then do so. You might feel more emotionally settled as a result.

#2: Remember why you are moving

The negatives can easily overtake you when you're in the midst of the moving process, and in your emotional state, you might start to wonder why you're moving in the first place. For this reason, you need to reflect on the positives, as not only will they get you through the practical hurdles you are encountering, but they might also give you cause to feel happy and excited again, despite your stresses. 

#3: Focus on your self-care

Okay, so you will have a whole itinerary of things that need to get done on a daily or a weekly basis running up to your house move, but you still need to prioritise your self-care needs too.So, before you start on your to-do list each day, take time out to eat a healthy breakfast, practice some kind of meditation, and embark on a little exercise. 

When you're starting to feel overwhelmed, find your quiet place and gather your thoughts. As we suggested above, you might want to think of positives too, as you might start to feel better within the whirlwind of stress around you.

And be sure to get plenty of sleep each night, as you will then feel more refreshed, energised, and in a better emotional state to take on the various moving tasks that need to be completed. 

#4: Have a proper goodbye

Before you leave for your new property, spend time saying goodbye to your neighbourhood friends. Perhaps throw a party, or visit each of them individually. While saying goodbye to them will be hard, especially if you're moving some distance away, you will feel better after having spent some quality time with them. And besides, you can still keep in touch and invite them to visit you, so be sure to take down all of their contact details. 

Then say goodbye to your home. There are some wonderful tips here, so have a read, and use them if you're going through the grieving process. While you might still feel sad after closing your old front door for good, you should still have the capacity to cope moving forward.

Thanks for reading!