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Is your business growing?

If so, then you’re probably experiencing a problem that is common to rising entrepreneurs like you – accommodating clients.

That’s right. When your company reputation starts to pick up, so does business traffic. More and more people are getting to know your business and they’re intrigued by it. If you truly want to leave your mark, take this fleeting opportunity to immortalize your brand. People are paying attention. However, it comes with a time limit. They won’t keep their interest indefinitely. For new businesses, timing is both friend and foe. One wrong step and an empire can come crashing down before it even begins. If you do not take advantage of all the attention a business receives during the introductory phase, then it would be very unlikely for your business to bounce back or even thrive in your industry of choice. First impressions last, you see. Learn more about product life cycles here:

You’ve got to strike them first, and you’ve got to strike them fast.

That’s how you come out victorious in the cutthroat world of business. So, first things first, you need to set your priorities straight. More than making sales, you should focus more on trying to keep the crowd happy. You need high-quality products that are practical, accessible, and affordable to sell. You need a center for business operations that is convenient, welcoming, and easy to locate (e.g. downtown area, nearby landmark, etc.). You need employees who show as much dedication to their work as you do. Lastly, you need a kick-ass customer service team that can take care of your clients’ needs – from inquiries and reservations to complaints and disputes. You need a team of patient, hardworking individuals that can dive into stressful situations and still manage to come out gracefully, confident that his or her choices benefit both parties: the client and the company.

But really, where can you find such gems nowadays? And if you manage to find them, can you even afford to hire their services? Sure, your company is making good progress, but that doesn’t mean you can splurge all you want on outsourcing tasks. After all, you can’t be too sure about how everything will play out. It would be best to work with a manageable budget for the time being.

To address your dilemmas, we thought we could let you in on a few trading secrets. In this article, we are going to talk about Answering Service Agencies – where to look, what to look for, and how to land the best deals.

Let’s start with answering the simple question “where.”

Where to Find the Best Answering Service Agencies

Customer support agencies or small business answering services are most commonly referred to as “call centers” basically because these companies’ main function is to take calls for clients. Different accounts are available for this type of service. Some hire answering services for technical assistance while others get their services to help them increase outbound sales. You can also seek the help of answering service companies for simpler tasks such as answering clients’ common inquiries about your business.

Whatever the purpose of your hiring is the most important thing to remember is to hire RIGHT. The answering service company will shadow your own company; they’ll represent you. No matter how good your script is, no matter how elaborate and helpful, if the company you chose fails to deliver, everything will still end up in shambles. Worst-case scenario: The rep you worked so hard on improving will plummet down as fast as a helicopter crashing.

Anyway, check out these sources to find the perfect answering service company:

Local Companies
 – There are many call centers worldwide and we’re confident that there’s one near you too. Look around; scout the town. Ask friends and colleagues for recommendations. Working with local companies can work to your advantage as they are accessible and convenient.

Outsource Overseas – If you live in the USA, hiring a US-based answering service agency can be pretty pricey. Outsourcing to other countries, with equally competent talents, can increase your savings. Why not check out international agencies today? 

Online Freelancers – As a final option, you can hire an independent agent or agency (otherwise known as “freelancers”) to get the job done for you. With the technology we have today, working with someone online is very much possible. You may choose to hire local or foreign freelancers as well!

As for the price, many factors come into consideration. First, the agency will consider the frequency and volume of calls your company gets; they also consider the purpose of the call. If the calls are general and easy to follow, then the service will typically cost less. If the calls are complicated (e.g. dispute and complaint accounts), then the agency will probably bid higher. Call centers have some of the highest employee turnover rates. This is most probably due to the stress and hassles that come with the job. They will take into consideration the impact your account will have over their employees and decide the contract price based on it.

If you’ve noticed, I’ve been using the word “bid” a couple of times already. This is because when you’re hiring, most agencies will try to win your account – thus, bid for it. You will get different bids, some high and some low. You just have to assess each one carefully in order to land the best deals. Don’t just look at the price. Look at how the agency performs as well. Check out work history, client reviews, and public (including employees) feedback on the company. It should help you take a closer look at what it’s like to work with that agency and how your business relationship will play out in the long run.