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Often, choosing a venue for your event is one of the hardest things to do. You never know where to go or how to find the right place for you that accommodates all your needs. Are you looking for an indoor ballroom? Alternatively, a beach party layout? How about a waterfront restaurant in Sydney? What about the event itself? Do you need to have speakers and an area that holds many people?

Finding the perfect venue for your event may seem like a gravely difficult thing to do, but we are here to help you be sorted. This article will help you figure out what factors to keep in mind when choosing a venue. I hope that by the end, you will know exactly what to look for and what to expect as you search for the perfect venue.

How many people are you hosting?

You have to be completely certain about one thing first: how many people are you hosting? Depending on the size of the event, the venue can be narrowed down. You should know how many people you are expecting so that you can figure out how to find a place to fit them all. If there is a smaller group of people, you can search for places like restaurants. If you have a larger group of people, you should look for places that host big events and can fit many people. A venue will also have adjacent parking spaces and accommodation such as restrooms etc. depending on how many people they usually host. Sometimes, events get many stragglers, or some guests bring along a plus one. This is why you should also aim a little higher than your estimated guest list when giving in your number. For example, if you have a guest list of fifty people, prepare for seventy. Similarly, if there is a higher number of guests like two to three hundred, prepare for at least four to five hundred.

What are you looking for?

When you host an event at a venue that isn’t your home, you have to be very specific about your needs. You have to tell the venue people what exactly you need. Are you hosting an event that needs many chairs? Do you have any handicapable guests arriving who will need access to ramps or parking spaces? These are all factors you have to consider as your duties as the host require such consideration. You can’t expect everything to be sorted on the day of the event, so you need to be clear about what has to be done beforehand. You may also find that the venue provides exactly what you are looking for, which helps you in preparation also.

Consider all the venue has to offer.

Most of the time, venues offer a lot of variety, but sometimes, they also have restrictions. If you are hosting a large group of people, they accommodate their needs by having speakers on hand and caterers who specialize in handling big groups. However, venues can have drawbacks, too. They restrict things like smoking on their location or loud music. They may even stop you from bringing outside alcohol into their venue. Sometimes venues also put limits on decorations and charge extra amnesties. You should be aware of all the pros and cons of a venue so that you can make your decision easier. You don’t want to book a venue only to later find out that it doesn’t allow you and your guests to do certain things. You should also consider if the venue offers catering services or if that is something you have to pay extra for or arrange on your own. These are all important things to consider when looking into different venues.

Is the venue accessible?

The venue you choose has to be a place where the majority of your guests can easily reach. You don’t want to host an event at a venue that isn’t accessible by your guests. This means that if your venue is too far away from most of your guests, there’s little chance they will want to come. The more accessible an event is, the more likely people will show up. People don’t want to drive a long distance or take an hour-long bus to get to an event, because it feels like a great effort on their part. When there’s an event happening in a good location where everyone can easily arrive, there is more chance they will enjoy it. The venue should also be a place where no one has difficulty entering. There shouldn’t be any restrictions on who can enter. Most of the time, country clubs, beach clubs, and other clubs restrict entry on people who aren’t members. Even if that person is a guest of someone who is a member. You should ensure that everyone could easily enter into the venue you have chosen for your event.

Does the venue have a good reputation?

This may not seem like an important factor, but venues have ratings for a reason. After an event, venues ask the hosts to leave a review about their services. Depending on those reviews, more people tend to opt for venues that have the higher rated reviews. Reviews that show the venue in a bad light and say that it does not have much to offer should be less likely on your list of options. You should look more for reviews that say the venue was a great experience for them. You don’t want to risk a badly reviewed venue just for the sake of its location. You should want the best for your event, and finding the perfect venue is part of that.


These tips should help you find the venue most suited to you. You should also keep in mind that some venues require insurance in order to book the event. Check the requirements from venues before you get ready to book one, or even put one on your list of options. Be sure to remember that it’s not just the venue that makes the event, but it’s also the people. If you are ready to host a great event, the venue will only be a propelling factor. Good luck with finding the perfect venue!